Logosophy is a new and formative culture concerned with the self-elevation of human beings and the changes each individual may promote consciously in his own life. Wisdom comes from changes that occur in our mind and in our sensibility by our learning of how the mechanism of our spirit works. Transformation is the key to evolution since one understands that this movement must be in the direction pointed out by the law of evolution.

Changes in the psychological and mental configuration are gradual but firm. We may say that the real aim of our presence in this world is to evolve by studying and practicing the knowledge that we find in Creation. One must amplify his conscience by amplifying the capacity of thinking and feeling. It is like learning a language other than our own or learning to speak as a child: single words and short expressions, limited mental movements and, afterwards, powerful knowledge floating from the mind like great rivers come from small streams.

Life must be a great school instead of an enormous tomb where ideals are put to rest after one’s struggles and efforts to become someone capable of respecting his fellowmen, Nature and himself.

God is inside us and we must become aware of this fact by ourselves by changing our manner of thinking and feeling.

Espinoza would say that we don’t need to die in order to understand God and eternity but that we can experience this great reality from here, in this life, in this world, inside ourselves.

We must become free by developing our abilities and by understanding that everything is one, so we can see everything from the perspective of eternity.
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