A series of juvenile crimes that had happened lately has shocked all the nations. Psychologists, criminal experts and educators are now trying to find out the reasons for these crimes. Although the media, family problems, gun control, and cultural problems have a strong influence in these crimes, other reasons deeper than these are moving these kids toward the act of violence.
The availability of guns makes it possible for many boys to make their revenge fantasies real. Probably without guns they commit other kinds of crimes.
The appeals for violence are very strong these days. Anyone can just turn on the TV and see people killing. Movies that are only an entertainment for grow ups can be a poison for kid's brain. One of the biggest attractions for teenagers is the video games. Many of them hypnotize kids with effects graphic of blood scoring. The problem is that the young teens are not completely able to distinguish between reality and fiction, so they can consider these images of violence as the right thing. In this case media has a very negative influence, specifically on boys, since it always makes a point showing the image of an aggressive man that is not afraid of anything.
Unfortunately, home that should be a place for peace and love is in many cases scenery of violence. Parent’s arguments, divorce and lack of communication are common problems.
Family values are related to stereotypes of male behavior. This can explain why these juveniles’ crimes are usually committed by boys. It is a traditional belief in most of the cultures that men must not cry or express their emotions. As a result, boys usually repress their feelings and are susceptible to be violent. Society should focus on the needs of the boys and try to avoid stereotypes. As well the media demand explores more the real man instead of the super hero or macho.
It is very interesting to observe that these external influences are not the only ones that make kids kill. If it was all these teenagers that live in the same environment, watch TV, have problems in home, and have access to guns, would become killers. In reality these teenagers already have a strong tendency to become killers. Also is important to keep in mind that the teen's years are very delicate. Usually teenagers have a low self steam. In the childhood usually they are the center of attentions, but once they become teenagers the situation changes. They feel that they are stupid and nobody care about them. In this transition imagination can be very dangerous. At the early years of the life imagination is very important, but for teenagers this can easily be mixed with the thought of violence. As a result they can lose the sense of reality acting without thinking about the consequences.
In reality violence starts in individual's mind. Whatever happens outside is just a reflection of the inside. Some people are naturally more vulnerable to extreme violence.
The external influences should not be ignored because these aggravated the internal ones. The gun control must be more efficient. Media urge transmit a positive image of love and compassion. Parents have to establish a good communication with their children. Home must be a place that children can find mental and emotional support. Culture and society does not have to emphasize a male/female stereotype, otherwise show teenagers that they can be better humans.
More than ever, the deep aspects of human beings should be taught in schools and home. Teenagers need a very special orientation in order to diminish all their bad inclinations. With real love they can overcome their low self steam. Besides develop their emotions they can also learn how to develop their minds, know how to separate the fiction from the reality. Working in these internal aspects it is possible to destroy the violence in its origins and build a better humanity.

Deborah Gattai Anderáos

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