I want to thank everyone with a lot of love and hard work and talk about this work done by me as a true work of beautiful stories in English that I did in a very fearless and well applied relativity to beautiful people who are here giving their work fully that makes me to highlight a good list of certain ideas that in my grammar I related beautiful facts from an anthology in English to show the Edu academy and I want to thank with much love and respect for my intro that is related to a very theoretical and well-clarified criterion that in my words I speak of a conviction of certain ideas that served as support and reminder of my beautiful and enthusiastic work as a writer that I am always showing all my capacity for the site of the nook of letters that I thank you so much for the space you gave me and I want simply to highlight a good clarification that I speak of beautiful people from the corner of the letters that deserve all the applause for being great writers s that even gave me a great incentive to make beautiful texts that for me is like a hobby in which I always describe all my potential and all my creativity of a visionary and fantastic author who sees life always triumphing as beautiful lessons that I have described in my reasoning that I am today a great writer of several books that I show everyone here at the Edu academy with great satisfaction and thanks for all to see my point of view that will mark a memory that maybe we can improve more superlatively on a more passive and demonstrative context in which I write about everything and talk about beautiful things that for me certainly cannot be almost everything else I try to show my potential and all my scientific relationships in which here I want to be a part and be a good student to show the world all my love and worth of a great citizen and perfect writer who love my work too much and intend to switch to english to show the united states and a lot to developed countries that I am a boy who has a magnificent potential and I want everyone to like it and I know they will like to see everything I did because it was with love and I want to leave it to everyone and I want to thank you for my great intention, satisfaction and thank you very much to all students and teachers at the Edu academy. A big hug from the writer Roberto Barros!
I want to thank God first for giving me a lot of health and a lot of love to carry out with all my words that served today and tomorrow to everyone as a literary support from a good author and writer who always sought in the full silence of my life the most definitive theory in which I classify all my relationships and consecrations in which I am the creator of several texts that were seen in beautiful stories that I sought in the silence of my feelings and thoughts for a more precise and extraordinary classification of prescribing the world and my life more firmly in the sense that I am an artist unraveling great mysteries that are simply great metaphysics in which my philosophy defies a broader aspect of classifying beautiful words that I chose as a criterion more focused on my work and way of seeing life and I want to show here all my intention and love that served as an ark of different tales in which I stand out in a foreign variety and with my hands I share all give my soul that blows under my relationship and my work that will remain here as a great memory for everyone and I want to thank you for this book that shows my side more applied to foreign grammar that maybe we can always have a good conviction to all my words and many thanks to all of you from the writer, athlete and musician Roberto Barros!

By: Roberto Barros
Enviado por ROBERTO BARROS XXI em 02/04/2021
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