I want to say that this book that I made is in a literary form that I searched in my Portuguese for Italian to Portuguese that I decipher in my words as a story in which I narrate a more vocational philosophy that I rewrote from my original texts everything I did as fascinating tales in which my sociology is more applied to a way of seeing and prescribing a more composed and idealistic life that I have been approaching a more efficient grammar as a lesson in stories that I leave here for all of you to see a little of my work mentalized in a more notion fluent and I want to thank and honor one of the philosophers of ancient Rome called Lúcio AneuSeneca or Seneca who was a stoic philosopher and one of the most famous lawyers, writers and intellectuals of the Roman Empire and I want to speak here of a civilization that is the capital of Italy which is a cosmopolitan city called Rome, the capital of Italy, is a huge, cosmopolitan city with almost 3,000 years of influential art, architecture and culture around the world and on display. Ancient ruins like the Forum and Colosseum evoke the power of the ancient Roman Empire. Vatican City, home to the Roman Catholic Church, has St. Peter's Basilica and Vatican museums that house masterpieces like the frescoes in Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel and was founded on : April 21, 753 BC .
I want to make it very clear that this great book are beautiful texts that I did with a lot of love, respect, loyalty and dignity to show a little bit of myself and everything I describe on my Thoughts and minds of wisdom website that are grouped on the Recanto das website lyrics in a magnificent construction and well elaborated for everyone to keep as personal memories of mine that here I leave all my point of view as an author and writer to all my dear and illustrious friends and thank you very much to all!
Il potere è nella nostra salvezza con onore and gloria dei nostri migliori antenati and che il suono in parole ci shows con chiarezza and loves l'anima della fantasy che ci ha creato !
I want to thank you for this work done and created by me that I made with great love in an explored relativity that I transcribe in a Portuguese and Italian translation a philosophy more focused with all my theory and logic that there are jobs beautiful and beautiful stories transcribed from my website that will be the most beautiful memories of a fabulous hero and writer who in mere circusntancias I dedicate with affection and friendship to my greatest and best friends in Recanto das Letras and I want to thank God for his encouragement to classify me as an immutable light that in my words in decipher my whole story of an author and missionary who will stay in the history of all the greatest national writers and I want to give my biggest hug to the people of Italy and the city called Rome and describe their cultural language in these great leaves that were born from an artistic and professional formality for everyone to seek in the depths of the soul the best school and educational knowledge and thank you very much to all those at heart for my intention and unfolding over the other foreign languages that surrounds us and makes us find in the words soul, gesture and color and the best glory and love that go as memories of a writer, musician and athlete for everyone in the family and thank you !
By: Roberto Barros
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