I have been walking on a margin of knowledge in which I have always dedicated myself body and soul to a relativity in which my culture is more driven to a more beneficial creation in which I enjoy a visionary pleasure in which I have kept myself as an ark. of dreams that for me always represents all my fantasy and love and discovery about life in which I am a prophet who has always sought a surface of ideas that make us more optimistic about life and that reason would be something more superlative in which I see the chaotic world and I try to show something more benevolent about my theories that I put into practice of a bigger and better recognition that I have always described about everything I feel and see in life as a teaching lesson among certain knowledge bases that I enjoy as a dream and fascination for the existence of life that I simplify like a burning fire over others and I put in theory the most beautiful scriptures that time can keep and show all my children tomorrow tion of an author and writer who always had a perseverance on the cruel side of life that resembles the pain of losing something or dying for any absolution of life due to factors that predominate the indifferent functions of life reaching a certain end point called death when I try to establish more optimism about certain functions of existence against the nonexistences that are called superlative setbacks in which I myself seek the perseverance of well being over all relationships in which the functions can reflect us with better aspects and transformations in which the soul can comfort us with our extraordinary works and developments of a goal in which we are more realistic and optimistic and we seek to establish ourselves on a more cultural and creative doctrine of doing the deepest things that in everything can preserve us over the best setbacks of light that supposedly life doesn’t pass these atmospheres in front of our wills inthat we are existences against the absorptions of life with each plan being established under a more joint and communicative atmosphere of our works and dreams that we can show our potential over the other operational classes that life assigns us, leaving behind the disabilities and dysfunction that life always discourages us from being less optimistic and creative while we can show in a better and more constructive way our cultural side that is more evolutionary and built of perfect qualities and dreams elaborated on the fearless laws of all existences, making our work as something more empowered about our lives. affections and love for our culture.
Dear and illustrious friends, I have the honor of showing as an intro to my more than dreamed theories that I keep as a dream in which I express all my creation of a visionary and film director in which I always wanted to show as some story that I simply and show here as a lesson in which they are shown as an extraordinary creation of my literary fascinations in which I seek a more realistic view of a relationship of facts, sciences, tales in which simplifies all my benefiting story of a great and beloved writer that my notion is show the world that there are things that surprise us and can surprise everyone because in life there is something that drives us to be more dominant and conservative of our own existence and that the world is more prone to attributes that have always been revealed to us as it also teaches us to understand its effects and its misfortunes and that life may be perhaps more comprehensive in which we return and return from resistance. I went to the conscience for the reason of living and dying and I want to thank all my dear friends on YouTube and all my dear friends from the corner of the letters and that my relationship establishes a certain friendly fascination with all the public that sees all my videos and my whole history as a writer and thank you all very much!
The existence of creation may be contained in our will to win and create something in life that makes us feel good and that this thing is more focused on our true cultures and thank you very much to all of you!
I want to thank you for this book I made and for all my ability to show the world my relationship and the creation of a perfect writer. Literature in the country nowadays is gaining more capacity, space and social intellectuality due to its literary bases and knowledge that seek an unprecedented surface of ideas formed by great and beloved writers from all states and cities in Brazil that have a commitment and art to literally communicate with the public for a satisfaction, duty and commitment to show their culture and personal notions that has been stirring the world of information with several E-books showing you all the best in a cultural order of news, sciences and more applied technologies with a modern knowledge in our social media that always seeks to rescue a broader and more real recognition of life with a complete and correct infinity in a more theoretical notion that makes us reflect on a magical world and more effected by a class of ideas benefiting the high school class student who is looking for a simplifiable and school alternative to educate and progress in the future with more capacity and substantial return from an affective commitment to lessons from great authors and literary masters that will stay in your mind the most beautiful scriptures by great and perfect artists. Thank you!
By : Roberto Barros
Enviado por ROBERTO BARROS XXI em 25/04/2021
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