When the Reason says high more than the Heart…

Why I don’t obtain to forget you? Why it insists on living in such a way in my mind how much in my heart? My heart asks for to look for to you, to bring you in return for me. But my reason says that again it could suffer, that it would be committing an error to looking for to you. Then, I prefer to hear the reason that in my life always says high more. With this I enter in total depression, I even sadden myself, I move away myself from my friends. Ace times, nor I know in what thinking, as acting, what to make with this feeling that to each day that passes suffocates me each time more. I confess that it would like to hear my heart and to look for to you. To say everything that is kept here inside of me. This love that seems not to have end. I love you and I guarantee that always I go to love. While I to breathe, will continue to love you. I know that against this feeling I cannot fight. No matter how hard I try to make this, it is strong, controlling. This love arrested me in a way that I don’t know if one day I will obtain to become free it. But I feel myself happy for knowing that I feel a love that is capable to surpass in the distance, the solitude, the sadness, and the indifference. I don’t ask for that it loves me. But that has conscience of everything what I feel for you. Of the deep one of my heart what more desire is that you is happy and finds the person who obtains to make what I didn't make…
TJ Torres
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