My Morning

The sound of the clock goes off but the annoying buzz remains in my ears. I was already irritated that my dream was interrupted, and once again the vivid pictures have disappeared from my mind. It was hard for me to open my eyes; it seems to be more a sacrifice. There wasn’t any sunlight coming through the curtain to brighten up the room, instead just darkness and chilly air coming from the crack of the window. The warmth of my bed imprisoned me to get up; even the covers were like chains tighten me up making me vulnerable. It doesn’t help the fact that, the clean smell of the pillowcase as well as the softness of my pillow is making me so weak, that I decided to go back to sleep.

I keep telling myself just five more minutes, but my conscious is telling me otherwise. My body is getting up very slowly but my mind is still asleep. I can feel my shoulder so heavy just like a thousand bricks on my back, not to mention the painful aching feeling on my muscles. I’m walking to the restroom wondering if I should turn on the lights, but I have decided it would blind me up completely.

When I returned to my bedroom I started to dress up in slow motion, the digital clock was changing the numbers before my eyes. Even though I was thinking that I was moving in the speed of light, my body was taking its own sweet time. After the same daily routine, I went downstairs to have my breakfast that includes cereal, milk, eggs and toast. Instead of tasting and appreciating the food, usually I devour the whole thing because I’m running late. After brushing my teeth, I grab my bag and I’m out of the door.

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Michelle Carreiro
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