More Than Friendship

As the water runs deeper than my soul,

as the sun shines brighter than any world,

is where my love will forever grow.

As the rain pours down like my weeping tears,

as the lips are aching to be kiss in summer nights,

is in my lovers' arms where time never flies.

As the eyes of an abandoned soul will never find the longing,

as the music keeps on playing pitiful melodies,

is in my heart I would slowly treasure his memories.

As the stars reached across the fields and the cities,

as the pictures are kept inside my diary,

as the love letters have conquered so many minds,

with these hands I have held him so tight.

As the fire had started to grow inside of my broken heart,

of so many unanswered letters and unanswered phone calls,

in time I would know we are separating further apart.

As long as the waves rise above the shore,

as long as we can’t reach into the sky and hold into a star,

as long as we are out of love… we can’t believe that we both can go on,

is when we have given our hearts away and we can’t take them back…

because they were gone and we don’t even care.

As long as the sweet aroma of a rose keeps on blooming,

as long as the love stories are told,

as long as the candle keeps on burning,

is when we can’t believe a soul.

As long as the wind keeps on blowing,

as long as he keeps on telling me sweet lies,

as long as I keep on weeping for him every night,

someday he will be out of my mind.

As the hardest words that can’t be said,

as the hardest feelings that can’t be forgotten,

as the hardest dreams that can’t be told,

as the hardest kisses that can’t be replaced -

I hope we can keep our friendship no matter how mad we get,

in the end you will always be my best friend.

Copyright@2005 Michelle Carreiro

Michelle Carreiro
Enviado por Michelle Carreiro em 28/04/2005
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