I heard the Silence of its voice

I heard  silence of its voice, know she calls for us - I feel her voice.
She says; together we are - but I am its martyrdom.
I know that she is a fast witch, and how albatroz has claws - it is true.
Today keeps silent, yours  silence speaks to me - how a bullet penetrates me.
When cabala that I consulted, in its room I slept - its body she lay down on mine..
Its smell say me, she comes and will make love - the love that I believe.

Its  silence asks for gold, comes to the sacrifice house - she dresses me as a parrot.
In the life I am freshman. I am your to water.  it is my mare.
The sweat of its leather drops as gold. - the pleasure is coming.
She says me. only with me she is  happy. - all day I am its apprentice.
She catches the chalk but do not write. In the bed she are meretriz. - I see an actress.
Bites my nose, feels my scar, ask me - because it makes me happy?

- III-
Its silence wants a reply. On me everything bets - the letters are wings of fishes.
Perhaps the proposal, I know that she likes - its body is displayed.
Naked leans. turns  the back side; And says.  This is all for you.
She always wants to earn; lose does not knows. she goes to cry. - I must know  loving her.
Everything seems to finish, now wants to stop - hard I must begin.
In my arms she wants rocking; I feel the her skin to make hot - she asks for a song to  to sleep.


In silence; of the heart I hear beat. Hers the shoes I go to take off - we go to fly.
We will glide In the clouds .  to dance - on the stars make love.
The limits defy. And on the cloud white to lie up - in the sky our love to draw.
Its silence complains; the heat of this flame, calls me - she says that her love is only for me.
Its silence reflects pain; of the solitude the fear - of the love that I am fishing.
The silence wants a help. it raises; she drinks a liquor and goes; I think; That she will come back.  Ever when the homesickness go to beat on her door.

Samoel Bianeck
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