Ali Baba

Ali Baba

When I was a kid we used to hear “Ali Baba and the forty thieves”. After the end of this page I will look for all the history because I remember nothing of the entire tale.
But I remember that when I was in Porto Seguro ( Safe Harbor) in Bahia, Brazil, I met some women from Holland. How my group didn’t spoke English I became the translator. They teach me that in their country when a couple wear wedding rings on the left hand they believe in God. If they don’t believe in God they use wedding rings on the right hand’s finger. They were married in their land and they asked me why men from Holland go to Brazil looking for sex. Sexual tourism is a serious problem all abroad my country but I got not a real answer to them.
That time I was divorced and decide to marry again, now at a church. I bought a par of rings and wrote in yellow gold ours fiancé names inside of the rings. I decided later to buy another pair of rings and engrave in them the name of the God that we believe, to be used at the other hand. Those silver golden I didn’t buy yet because now it’s expensive to us.  I didn’t tell to my wife yet…it will be a surprise.
But many questions came to my occidental brain:
Which one of the rings  should I use in my left hand’s fingers?
Knowing that there is a vein that goes straight to the heart from the left ring’s finger, should I change each day like a connection to heaven or to earth?
There is a check valve, like my airplanes, separating the two hydraulic systems, to be tested every time I started the right and left engines?
This check valve, installed in our body, is our heart?
Those God’s names can be different from the husband’s ring to the wife’s ring?

At the end of the tale Ali Baba marries Frahazada and multiplied their treasury with a magic scheme.

Colori, colorado, está o conto acabado!

Luís Carlos Oliveira Aseokaynha
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