Body of Jesus

"Some studious ones affirm that would have found the physical body of Jesus of Nazareth, and still a possible son's of Jesus body, of name Judas, that would also be son of Maria Madalena. For many, this discovered it would be the end of the Christianity. Such an affirmative doesn't pass of a sophism. The Christianity has base in the actions, in the example, in the conduct and in the message that was left by Jesus. The man possesses body and soul. Jesus without doubts from his/her death meets in the Creator's company, the Mister of the Universe, God. If the body found in Jerusalem belongs or not to the man little Jesus matters. The faith is the main instrument of those that followers of Christ, the son of God are said. If it didn't go like this him, how to explain the several miracles that happen everyday without a cause that can be demonstrated by the Science.  Finally, it can be affirmed, that the truth is only one, Jesus Cristo, son of God, lives yesterday, today and always, and their words and message stay eternal."
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Paulo Tadeu Rodrigues Rosa
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