The Silver Fangs - Distant Waters

Meu irmão Eric pensou nessa música, cujo tema é a época das grandes navegações, como forma de mostrar o sentimento que os navegantes tinham ao desprenderem-se de suas amarras e rumar ao desconhecido. O inexplicável e incontornável desejo de conhecer, conquistar e viver aventuras, que só os corações jovens têm.

Distant Waters

(Palmieri, Eric; Palmieri, Weber)

Oh my - The sea is calling me

To find a new land

And I sense the gentle breeze,

The last walk across the sand.

We'll throw the ship at ocean

Hoist the anchor

Unfolding all the sails

We move with hunger...

(We must) write down at our logbook

We've seen the new world

And now there's only one thing to do:

Unknown lands here we go!

Many dangers on raging sea

And secrets underneath

We'll live a life that's free

And get into History!

Oh, we are Mariners

We live to sail

(Come see the world with us)

Old legends, mysteries

Beyond the shore

(Come sail among us)

We sleep covered by

A blanket made of stars

(Like a dream of a child)

Tales of brave men

We sing with the wind

(Oh-ho! Ye-ole! Ye-ole!)


This is a never-ending voyage

The boat is our home

The watcher keeps on looking

(To) the far horizon

He found a brand new island

That's where we're going to

And then we'll finally rest…

To start… our search… agaaaain!


We sleep covered by

A blanket made of stars

They tell us where to go

If we dare to read the sky

We are mariners

we live to sail

A life without the sea

is the same of life in jail...

Weber Palmieri
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