Dream Addict

I walk through the opened door you left for me

I'm like a boy who never finds love, but got eyes on it.

I keep my thoughts and my soul so far

But stuck on my mind, you purify them up.

Say "I wanna be more",

Pray "I'm sorry my Lord",

Laid on the bed all night,

Thinking about if I'm going through this right.

Tell me if I'm wrong,

Saying I won't give up,

Losing all control in the morning,

And trying to calm down my racing heart at the night.

I'd say you are mine,

But I've let you go,

So I try...

To bring you back to me,

To give me a chance again,

And you said yes to me so I did.

I'm a dream addict, don't let me go

When the morning comes.

I'm a dream addict, don't let me know

When you go.

I'm a dream addict, that just wanted to taste the life

I'm a dream addict, the reality cut me like a knife.

Now, our bodies are tight on the ground

That one where we kissed that night.

And our hands are tied up

It seems they fit on one another.

No injuries, no worries

Just me and you, two sodas in a glass.

Go ahead, take me up to the wonderland

That you live in.

I've been tied up for too long,

Kisses upon the hidden bruises that your love brought me.

Honestly, I just can't wait any minute longer to see you.

There's no problem being addicted to sleep to dream you.

I've been waiting all day,

I've spent my time getting ready,

Just to meet you tonight,

In my dreams, everything is so right.

Hoping for the morning not to come again.

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