In my memories darkness is holding me tidily
I hate the way I fell inside
I need someone, it would be nice to find the one
All I see now it's me alone
Is my pain caused by my pleasure?
Now I fell like someone else when I begging to pray
Can I put all my trust on you? That takes so much of me

I dream about you all the night's
But all the lies make me become colder
That makes difficult to see truth behind my eyes
But I am tired of all the lies, I can't lie to my heart anymore
All my fears disappear when I look into your face
So would you be tonight in my dreams for me?
I hope so, cause I think about you all the time

Tonight I know what is killing me
I need someone worth of dieing for, I need you in my life
I wish you could look into my eyes and see how much your love mean to me
At least I would search for love no more
In my lonely mind, your love is all I want to fight for
I am confused, can I put things alright?
Do I have nothing to lose tonight? Could you be mine tonight?

Do you know how I fell inside? I wish I could know where you are!
Is it too late for me? Would you be there in the end to save me?
There is nothing i want more
I would give it all away, for love I would sacrifice
I'm waiting on the dark and there is nothing going right
You were the one who raised life out the dark side of me
And the light that you shine, is all I want to see..

I'm the one who need's to be saved
I can't runaway, I can't say goodbye
Come with me, can't you love like i do?
Love is all that I ask, cause we are already lost

(30/01/2005 – Londrina – PR)
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