One Kiss of Yours

I’ve searched for one kiss in your sleeping lips
I’ve searched for the last dream, which you were with me
I’ve found myself in your eyes and…
I’ve found myself in your lips, kissing the sweet honey…
where I’ve tasted the bliss.
I’ve desired so much in keeping the shattered memories
and haunted melodies… deep inside of me.

One lost kiss, without the warm breath,
without the caress of your strong arms,
without the sound of your heart beat
against my chest filled with pain.

I’ve imagined that your lips want me so badly
that I couldn’t breathe at all,
as I look at you…
In one mixture of desire and passion…
I let you swept me off my feet as I dream profoundly.

I found your presence so strong,
that I waited until you
announced the right time… for your lips to touch with mine.

With your warm breath and with your body so close to me…
I feel the silent kiss, lost in the air waiting for me…
as you leave.

Copyright@2005 Michelle Carreiro
Michelle Carreiro
Enviado por Michelle Carreiro em 27/04/2005
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