Go Back in Time

I wish to go back in time
cause I missed all things
that supposed to be mine – including you.

All wonderful wonders of the world
had escaped from the hands of time,
every storm had grown in your eyes
when we said good-byes.

It was a sad day for both of us,
but going back in time…
it’s impossible.

I desire to be in your arms – I tried to forget about everything
in the same time I couldn’t move on,
life wasn’t the same,
something or someone was pushing me back…
back in time – I remembered all the events inside of my mind.

I keep saying to myself
is no good to go back in time
I couldn’t stop believing – our everlasting love,
also I couldn’t believe what I feel for you – until it was gone…
into a dark place that I might never find it again.

So doesn’t really matter
If I turn the hands of time – you wouldn’t be there
So doesn’t really matter
if I cry each night – you wouldn’t care
So doesn’t really matter
if I burn your pictures into flame – you wouldn’t miss it anyway
So doesn’t really matter
if I move on – you wouldn’t be by my side
So doesn’t really matter
if I have a good heart – you took advantage of it all the time
So doesn’t really matter
if I live dangerously – you wouldn’t notice the crime
So doesn’t really matter
if I give up on you – cause in reality nobody can go back in time.

Copyright@2005 Michelle Carreiro
Michelle Carreiro
Enviado por Michelle Carreiro em 09/05/2005
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