My Haiku

Closed door, empty chairs

Cold outside, morning light

Students absent a day

Following students

Getting in our destination

To start our project

When we got there

It was a beautiful place

I have never seen

Trees surrounded me

Students writing poems like me

Silence between us

Hands freezing like ice

Still writing, still thinking

Pencil and paper

Japanese style house

Dark wood surrounds us

Sky still gray, still cold

Writing without help

Teacher standing far away

By the time comes

Plane passing by

Interrupting silence

Sand beneath our feet

Students walking by

Wind blowing the bamboo leaves

Fire truck sirens

Hard topic to think

Maybe a dictionary

Might help me in this

Still writing isn’t over

Erasing mistakes, writing again

I can’t get it right

Starting it over

Paper and pencil busy

Time’s up, today is done

Copyright@2005 Michelle Carreiro

Michelle Carreiro
Enviado por Michelle Carreiro em 09/05/2005
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