Through The Years

Through the years

passed me by

I wonder…

if you remember me,

when childhood’s memories

were all we have to treasure with.

I wonder…

if I will receive a letter from you

even a post card would do.

I wonder…

if you knew, I was crazy about you,

craziness that drove me insane

with three words to say

“I love you,” more each day.

I saw you again

on Friday morning

after all these years,

we shook hands and an electric shock

took our attention and

since then, everything changed.

New day was born…

every breath I take

will last a death away,

every heartbeat I feel

is to bring you closer to me,

every word I say

is to bring you joy to your day,

every move I make

is only for you to take

and I can’t think straight,

because of you I have strength.

I hope you wouldn’t vanish in thin air

or run away from our pass

just live in my memory

you’ll always be there,

my friend.

Copyright@2005 Michelle Carreiro

Michelle Carreiro
Enviado por Michelle Carreiro em 09/05/2005
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