Dedicated to you

I want to be with you
Here or anywhere
In a desert island
Or in the traffic of New York
Anywhere is right to love
It's good for our love ...
I don't want an hour or more
Time has set back enough ...
Your voice is my favourite song
Your eyes are all the sight I need
Your mouth waters me
Your kisses feed me
Your hand is my safety harbour
Your body is my entire universe.
We are two and we know that each one
Alone is none.
We are a perfect blend
With the right dose of love's potion
Magic and science together
Perfect seed that creates the flower
Distinct worlds
That crashed but not shocked
Worlds that mix ... and melt
Worlds that expand ... together.
We are the sun and the moon
Without east nor west
Sunrise nor sunset
Midnight sun, midday moon
Without formal concepts
The only law is love
The only duty is to be happy.
We are a dream coming true
A spring in blossom
A high tide covering, flooding ...
Life flowing
Love making its own way.

Leonardo Andrade
Leonardo Andrade
Enviado por Leonardo Andrade em 29/11/2006
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