Somebody is waiting me
Diana, I run too much
I won't forget, never
Nor that the earth turns fire and the love turns smoke.

I only know that will love you
When I was in Spain
You hugged me and he/she said
I love you Erasmo.

And my love for it is you big
I like when you speak like this:
I love you Erasmo Shallkytton
You is the largest love of my life.

You are the largest love of my life
Same you being in Brazil
I will never forget it.

Diana, its eyes are my flames
I love the colors of its national flag
Red of my blood.

I yellow of my sun
They are as the colors of your flag
It is that that a lot love you.

But I am sad because I live far away from you
It doesn't import the time and nor the hour
At any hour I arrive at Madrid.

Perhaps, October 12, 2005
I will be to your side smiling
In the birthday of Spain.

Ó Madrid, Ó Madrid, orders my love for min
I will be to your side smiling
Singing the happiness of its country
My love, I swear that will always love you.

Singing the happiness of its country
My love, I swear that will always love you
With you, I want to go to Barcelona
Then, to visit Seville and there to hug you.

Together, we will go for a walk in Valença
Don't forget that its heart is mine
I am in Brazil, more the emotion is big
Of being in your kisses and hugs.

Bellowing many clamors
My Diana Espanhola
You take me in Museo del Grassland
They say that is very beautiful.

And with you, I want to be there
Receive my affections
Of Brazil to Spain.

I am very happy in seeing this poetry
Only even the Spanish siblings
Many cordial and gentile.

My Diana, write, tell some thing
In this site PIEL, PELO Y UNÃS
It is the most beautiful of the globe.

I am disclosing here in the brasil.
In this poem it will be longings
My sublime memories.

And sad, I will stay without looking at
You inside of my heart
That is impassioned by you.


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