When I Die...

When I die I want your hands on my eyes,

I want the light and your soft hands

to touch me one more time,

so I can feel the softness that changed my life.

I want you to live, while,

I sleep waiting for you,

I want your ears to follow the sound of the wind,

the footsteps that we walked together by the sea,

and continue stepping on the sand

the memories of the love that we share.

I want the love that I felt to you to be alive,

in you I loved and sang on top of everything,

the trouble and the pain.

For what reach my heart all the love

that seems so far gone,

I continue passing by you in the shadow

under the moon,

so you know the reason why I never left you,

because 'I love you!'

Copyright@2005 Michelle Carreiro

Michelle Carreiro
Enviado por Michelle Carreiro em 27/04/2005
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