Sad night abandoned and silence
is all I can feel and see
with the opened window I said good night to the stars.
Imaginary moon, horizon shining stars
invisible life without love and hope
turning this day into a peaceful one.

Isolating myself in this cold house
with so many memories out of the blue,
so much pain that everyone could see through me,
crying for the day to turn brand new.

The waves of the sea
crashed through the shore
of so many memories…
living so close to me,
I can’t stand the reflection of the water…
even when the water is clear as the dove's wing
my life would be such a misery.

Experienced the cold rain coming down from my face
with the wind blowing the opened window
with such strength… as the light fades away
closing very slowly the door of the path…
the darkness from my pass.

And as the day goes by,
I experienced another day of solitude
in this sad night, abandoned…
the silence in the air,
no bird would sing a song,
no life and no dream to go on…
without the strength to fight,
and without strength…
I let death carry me away.

Copyright@2005 Michelle Carreiro
Michelle Carreiro
Enviado por Michelle Carreiro em 27/04/2005
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