Childhood Memories

i've came back to my memories
all my childhood memories
and i've felt like in a surreal dream
walking through the lighty stream
and falling on the dark old hole
my nightmarey monster is here for me

the annoyning setting sun, so pretty
the vanishing moonshine, so sad
the life turned in sorrow, completely
the lonely movies, i'm feeling bad
the nothing inside, can't fills me up
the bitter pain, confuses me on
the golden cage, sets me here
the dusty keys, set me free!

and gift is only the long-life souvenir
bought in a little-dirty shop
where there's all made by hand
my unseen-unreal-unclean own hands
like in the biggest lost memories
the ancient childhood memories

[in background]
"hey kiddo! don't touch that!"
"you're too little for that"
"don't you think those things"
"you're too little for that"
"you're too little for that"
"you're too little for that"

oh! the smooth feeling has came back
when my redhood has been taken off
i can't remember my dear life soundtrack
my sweet memories fading softly
my old dear memories
my childhood memories


finally back to the lighty stream
actually i'm watching my surreal dream
i feel like the purple butterfly
singing its sleeping lullaby
living in the shadow-puppet's sin
with the darkness of the hole within
no dream
no stream
i can't go on, at all
can't go ahead with my memories
the so sweet childhood memories
my forever loved childhood memories

the joker
the lover
the dreamer
the kid
the beetle
the fever
the tomb
the reaper
the dead
the child

my child
my childhood lullabies
my childhood memories.

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Sobre o autor
Vila Velha - Espírito Santo - Brasil, 30 anos
28 textos (1674 leituras)
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