In the clouds

In the midst of watches, sun,
The head on the table, and sugar, coffee cold and a bitter taste to run;
Another day;
I have no direction;
I do not have the balance needed to keep me on foot;
I have the habit of looking at the clouds and know your mood;
Today they tell me to "crush" on the brake;
I know that I am not a good player, I do not have the patience necessary to do so and my opponents know that;
We can not keep our heads in the body and let it drop from band on the table, and pots of flowers, letters loose, was there as part of the scenario;
As anyone who offers himself to the head;
I am in search of my brief and not know where I am in this intricately page novel in which I encounter;
We have no sanctuary, and I follow with my andor;
Do not watch the clouds for pleasure, as they tell me what I do not want to hear;
I would without the wind direction;
I hope the outcome of the end time;
I try to break the clock in an attempt to suspend the agony;
Sleep, sleep, dream with cemeteries, graves adorned, mysteries, cold deserts, bright moons,
A gulf between, and I was the bridge, which was in place somewhere;
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