In this preface, I want to talk a little bit about a reflection that portrays us for the way we are and we were born among a well-determined origin in various issues that we always seek among races the qualities, philosophies and traditions of a customary people that starts with an esteemed series of mixtures of peoples among an exuberant race that is among the Indians, Portuguese, Jews and long-suffering slaves who already hemmed the entire region of plantation owners, coffee planters and so on.

In order to have a broader and more well-targeted classification for our people, I speak of South America with its countries such as Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Aruba, Curaçao, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Trinidad and Tobago, Falkland Islands, Caribbean Netherlands and I speak of North America with its countries like the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Bahamas, Panama, Greenland, Islands Turks and Caicos, Belize, Haiti, Guatemala, Barbados, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, San Bartholomew, Cayman Islands, Saint Lucia, Martinique, Guadeloupe, San Martin, British Virgin Islands, Grenada, Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda, US Virgin Islands , Anguilla, Montserrat, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Smaller islands far from the United States that in two continents form a total of 53 countries and races in which we suppose by a small decipherment in only from both North and South America that we are all and all part of races in our country and in others by a designation on culture, philosophy, music, art, physiognomy and color that transcends us into an individualistic ality and familiarity. in which we live today in a republican country that was and is ancestor history as prudent as other classifieds in which we can say that we were simply irradiated and influenced by everything or by the tradition most commonly of a people that is reflected in several races than by a different sovereignty were classified several thrones in examples of power, justice and order over the mere society that today is more formalized and educated about new standards that are more teaching to the great people who do not think like in the past in which today the standard of living is more growing as a result of foreign infiltrations into the labor market and the great industrial revolutions that are always surprising us and giving space to the Southern man no matter how much he looks or is quite reliable with his individualistic role exercising more culture and love for his fellows in which his habits are more like examples and activities in our social and intellectual milieus.I am a person who tends to live life in a realistic way that I myself realize my dreams as a true future and that after the time that passes I will redo my mind in a fundamental concept of ideas that for me to struggle more strongly with the my intellectual side that we simplify in the search for life without any conflict with youth, which is just a fantasy in which we put in order our function of reacting with a simple desire to achieve something that does us good as well as esteeming us to remake ourselves. and conquer the new world more than we dream of the old time and we learn better to use our capacity which today is already more evolved with many technological advances that we would be frustrated in doing something ancestor if it already is and we have metaphysics in our culture list to remake all raw materials in a perfect union in high performance to create something or something that makes us happy and leaves us rested and today we seek more things than in s propose a conviction to show that we are more powerful and creative and after a few years we put the right things in their place and we are not insecure because we know that everything is going well and is in perfect union like an atom.

I am more my ideas that become more agile in any circumstance I do in life and I put aside the bad mood of overcoming the weaknesses of life that are like proof of new efforts that remain in us the true conclusions and the answer is right and soon I feel good. Why not!

A kiss to everyone and a hug to my readers.


We live today in a republican country by political and religious norms in which everything was traced to the moral, intellectual and passive concepts of a conformist society in which its paths and disciplines have always shown us an unexpected anti-socialist decline aimed at the great people who, by a presidential crisis, caused an educational fragment by tax rules followed by a people who have always been in charge of administering their duties and establishments with a more traditional point of view in which they have always built ties of close union with the great working people who have always dreamed of their country more affectionate than today it is going through a multitude of tranquil causes unnoticed on a patrimonial path through a base of political reconstitution, sensitizing itself on radical points exercised in the devastating power of the government that always fulfills its norms in bureaucratic issues in socialized persecutions and mentioned weak orders on a reversible repression of your point considering that this is more to sell than to buy through fraud and corruption of elected candidates who are consciously defrauding the government's presidential norms, leaving society to the confines of a patrimonial and occupational regeneration transmitted by the force of foreign capitalism and extraordinary creations that they are occupying our positions negated by the communist infraction in the country and educating us while forming us by the great cinematographic activities that are today novels and great books of stories narrating social concepts, philosophies and cultural psychologies such as music, cinema in action of the great people who become Americanized and it dresses among the social environment in diverse desires, becoming a more philosophical people who are always more focused on international origins that have always grown and gave space to our country for more applied and esteemed information by a more engaging public who may perhaps be able to tell us the how much are we possible in our country s and we pass information from one to the other like a learning school, becoming our most optimistic perception and knowledge in our country.


I want with a lot of love and satisfaction to describe a role that has always been and is part of my life since childhood because I am a great athlete and have gone through a test of existence and endurance in my career in the life where I broke the world record in free swimming on the beach of Casa Caiada in Olinda, 1,000 meters away I crossed the most dangerous channel on the beach, going back and forth until reaching the divisions of Arrecife to the bottom of the sea where I felt a vast loneliness beside me and the The afternoon water seemed to pierce my bones it was so cold and the tide was very high and the sea suddenly smelled of salt and seaweed in which I saw death walk with me on all sides in a depth of 100 meters of water depth calm in which the sharks always roam and usually attack the swimmers and surfers in the region.

This for me was like a proof of resistance and knowledge of a life perhaps that could be tragic due to a bad event of a shipwreck on the high seas in which I was on this ship and managed to return to the shore of the sea and this for me was a defense physics of a thought that maybe one day could happen to me if I were on the high seas may God save me from such a tragedy. But it's always good to be forewarned!

Another adventure was in Vitoria de Santo Antão on a sunny day at 02:00 in the afternoon when it was windy and it seemed to want to rain and I went for a run as I always do and I was very willing in that La afternoon I ran to Jaboatão dos Guararapes without stopping and I arrived there at around 06:30 at night in front of the Jaboatão army, the 14 RI that rained on me in a distance of 45 kilometers that I saw in front of me right at the beginning when I arrived at dark and dark and quite tired a real danger and hell in a place surrounded by cane fields on the side and another in a totally distant and dangerous BR without many cars in sight passing by me in which I couldn't stand it anymore and it was about 06:00 o'clock at night sharp that I was going towards Jaboatão in a dark BR with the light poles burnt out and the trucks passed by me at high speed loaded with sugarcane and others from industries that arrived to swing me from their layer of wind in which and blew heavily next to the stool where I ran, super tired and thinking that I wouldn't reach Jaboatão anymore, so far and tired that the running became slower and darker at night that I could no longer stand the bones of my leg. so much pain that it felt like I was running in a circle and paying promises with the feelings smothered by the fearful fatigue that overwhelmed me with a deep and stomach fatigue and with a fulminating desire to drink ice water that I didn't even see and didn't have around it was just a long solitude that surprised my tense and tired nerves more with Vitoria in the heart of a true marathon runner and hero who would beat a world record for a long and brusque marathon in a captive city in the interior of Pernambuco.

In another adventure at my aunt Arlinda's house I used and still use to do sailor pushups before taking a shower which for me serves as a therapy for the health and well-being of the body and physical strength that I used to do several sailors pushups that i arrived breaking the record with 2000 thousand pushups per day with a series of 300 pushups per minute counted and I managed to hold very good health and an exemplary physical addition that today I am a best record holder of all time.

In another adventure at my aunt Arlinda's house I also used and still use to make Bars in an iron pipe suspended on the wall which gave me a lot of strength and a very perfect and healthy development of the back and shoulders that I even broke the record with 1,000 Bars in front and behind with a series of 100 Bars per minute counting that for me it is a perfect war training and many soldiers do this in the army to keep the soldiers in good shape with the Seamen Pushups and Bars that serve as an instrument of war and I like these sports because they give long life, rejuvenation and vigor to the body and all the matter that is flexed in good physical shape of a perfect Olympic athlete.

I love my fitness because it's my life and my robby!

I want everyone to understand that desire can be a totally deep thing and that this thing has a real feeling for us and that it will someday be well remembered and explored by everyone and someone who feels true value for life and screen and never lets go Back there and may it be a god to everything in our ways that we pacify and fight for the constructive way of living to be happy forever and that someday we can reach some place that will always give us more space and long life and that we will always be strong and younger for our efforts and yes we always learn with life that weakness but a space of indisposition and incapacities in life but yes I believe we will always live with courage and glory instead of weaknesses that want to occupy our challenges that we apprehend that life is no joke and we pass over the hard, brutal and realistic failure and reach the top of the mountain and the Olympic glory of the most optimistic gods and heroes of life.

We want to be always and we are always aware that we are great and eternal heroes and we will never give our arms to cheer in front of an unrealistic life that does not have its true purpose and conscious value for our lives and we will always seek to reach the true and fearless glory in which May life complete us and assure us that we will always overcome all the hardest obstacles in our paths and that we will never bow to hell and that we may someday all reach the lawful and real gates of heaven and the entire universe.

I want to first thank God for my health and determination that I build with determination to the most fearless merit of my honor and love for my life and to everyone who tried and failed to complete the challenge of being a perfect and eternal champion.

I've seen many things in my life, the loss of people due to major fatalities and tragedies in the event of a physical preparation and precaution in which the human being cannot defend himself due to certain circumstances and the harsh reality of life that oppresses and depresses the true defense that a human being has and can't defend himself and I want to make it clear that the best defense can be god in you and you with god to adapt to the voracity created by life and that always try to walk in the shadows because the best path of a being human would always be to look for god because when we want to unravel any hard and rigid and fatal obstacle we must look for god and we must know that this god can change your life and when you can he can give you because god exists and is within yourself !

When I was swimming and running I always thought of God and felt his sovereign energy inside me that gave me courage and strength to achieve a world record in my blessed life.

Thank you to everyone and that my success serves as an intuition in the lives of many athletes and that they remember that capacity and willpower is their best optimism and love for life.


I want to tell you that life is about a vibrational emanation with all nature, however much we have to be spiritual with our human natures and dedicated to the world of spirit, body and soul that when proceeding everything we have in soul necessarily becomes dynamic It is essential our lives for an equality with the good function of the natural elements of nature and their positive emanation that pass vibrational information to the human being and enter into astral harmony on a visible and emotional plane due to its shape, size and color that we call contact Elemental on a material plane in the projection of our minds that see and feel the natural life of nature by beautiful images of trees, roses, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, rocks and beautiful wild animals that conform to all natural existence of life we call tropical nature that are the soul of the essential images of life. I believe that there is a magical factor and at the same time emotional that our conscious minds start to exercise a power to the subconscious to capture all the images and keep them substantially our natures that are fully and spiritually happy and in all this it is relative because we enter into a combination of an emotional projection of our minds that react by the forces of life because we are alive in a formulation of life that identifies with the soul of the images that is the essence of life on the material and spiritual plane and in all of that, I say that life in images as it is in us.

Everything is in perfect union and in everything existence does not stop with its rhythm that makes us say that we are alive today and maybe tomorrow we would die of something generated by the fate of death that in life does not stop to madden many people from different places in one sum of points that life will not connect for the same sum of points that life has to create, everything being in a natural equality in which we take our commitments to the realities of life and we will not fear the negative death that wanders and messes up everything in the a life in which God I create in a sovereign equality from one day everything joins the same dust to again and again begin with everything else life.

Whether you are poor or rich, we will not differentiate between this issue that we should be aware of and if we take care of a mission of peace, health and love for our neighbor that you accompany every second of life every day as we also accompany and learn to preserve the our lives and yes we will be and we will always be alive with our families, relatives and friends who love us how much we love and we will feel your passage to infinity when your time comes and we will give with great gratitude our charities and love for your trip to paradise whatever this paradise, heaven or hell, and may God protect it from every evil amen.

Life with its vital white color shows us a paradise full of love and health in which we laugh and cry with joy and learn to love and hate, everything for a sentimental sense of our lives and death with its matte black color show us a dark place where you go to the other side of life and we could even meet and it's all about the measurements of the boundary where heaven and hell meet and maybe someday we can meet and be happy together somewhere and talk about the past and the memories that stay in our minds and we will want to fulfill some fantasy even if they were past and we can meet and realize it in a matter of love and friendship.

I know it's very difficult to understand life and death because they are sisters and have an inequality in one contour in life to persist with their rhythms among human beings and always leave us curious and awestruck by their changes in our ways that they are. short or long to someday wash the soul and forgiveness of our mistakes until the arrival of the angels to God in heavenly paradise and that we are all prepared.

I just don't believe in death because I don't think anything in this world dies because it's just a start to another life where we can say we're free and we don't have any imperfections in our lives and that life will show us better how we are out of ours. world and we could be even better by the way we identify with our souls and everything will be in perfect harmony and the fear of death will no longer exist and we will not feel any imperfection unlike death which will simply be life.

In the same way the pulsating universe is always giving lives and at the same time destroyed all of them in a smaller fraction of the best atom and together we can think that one day our existences will not be lost and we will be lords of an immortal time and that we will always remain we live by this on a supernatural plane and we can clearly say that we can make life a combination of things that we might not be able to do here and we are totally free.

I love life as much as life loves me and is always in perfect harmony with me and paradise may someday be our homes and we will live an eternal life and we will be able to complete our understandings that can lead us to the heavens or the universe!


Today is the 28th of June 2016, we are remembering today with a lot of love and a great fraternization of a great authorship that started at a time when I met a great friend named Bartolomeu who lives in Vitoria de Santo Antão who was talking to me luckily. he told me he was writing some texts on a very lucrative, free and good quality site that I was invited to visit by invitation and I was amazed at its publicity and attributes necessary for the reader in which he sees himself totaled, familiar and well structured when drive full mind to the site as this site is a great cultural and literary space for the apprentice writer who has a perfect literary and qualified personal class that makes him in the future a great author and writer himself for a great journey in its magnitude in life.

Today, we are well built and rebuilding several works that are worth having for tomorrow. Always remember it by everyone who has high esteem and who can always favor us with our best attitudes and conditions as great authors who are all who dedicated themselves that I too today I feel a lot and I admire you that there are so many who describe countless biographies related to our times that make us establish an infinity generated by the reality of our lives that both oppresses us and destines us along with our daily commitments until the end of our days to then stay well kept as eternal memories of a past that was kept in us and today in you that we have as part of our youth and that are part of our lives in a setback of immutable and imperishable light.

The corner of the Letters is a place kept in time with a literary list of ideas that fable you that made us always alive and well kept in time and in the memory of people who love us and who always seek beautiful lessons and education from great authors who they were unforgettably kept in the memory of all who always loved them and read their beautiful and sentimental biographies and literatures that will remain in time.

In everything and with everything, it starts with a prose of friends that is characterized by a young man in a magic lesson with countless fables in which he turns a boy into a man in a very cultural retrospective to be well kept in the tunnel of time as evidence of a friend and sincere friendship between great friends and great authors.

Life can be or everything in life can be contagious for always emanating lights from someone who turns into stars and never stops flowing and energizing the human consciousness always from someone who is carried away by the great emotion of life and sentimental but keeps everything in your subconscious to never forget that life is not just a distraction from ideas, but an emanation of human creations that identify with the guidelines of life and create something substantial, life itself and the reason for living and being happy.

I am grateful to Recanto das Letras for everything they did for me and for giving me a cultural space for my best memories of an author who is simply happy to see life in a more evolutionary way, differentiated by a positive and realistic notion of living. Thank you all!


I am a person who always used to preserve my nature that always reveals to me in my culture and morals a peaceful and romantic feeling of a journey in a time that marks a trajectory of habits, dreams and fantasies that for me is characterized in a passion for mine life and the past that served me as a fantastic concept of reviewing the old life and putting it in a more alive atmosphere where we can understand the infallible dynamics of life that made a list of facts that occurred and left us many memories of a people that transcends the true love that is always surprising us and giving us more love for our dear ones and we qualify as personal creativity for being of deep family richness.

I want to talk about a Nook where we can all improve our personal knowledge and keep every fantastic recognition of an eternal memory of fables and literary concepts on which we can lean and feel up close the true origin of a recognition revealed in the present that see the future as an extraordinary lesson of habits and creations of a true man who loves his life and dreams that were kept as a fable of dynamic creations and teachings for a recognition with all people who want to grasp the true logic and correction of our lives for having several well-qualified options of a dynamic writer focused on scientific science in which a series of biographical and literary lessons was created from a concept of ideas aimed at our daily lives in a list of facts, chronicles, thoughts, stories, phrases, messages, prayers that they served as a real mirror of our lives in which we can always qualify our best points. weak giving space to a real dynamic, well apprentice Avel and deeply recognized for its constructive moral attitude and well related to the rationalist knowledge of a public that lives on almost social decay and needs a more established and recognized support for an infinity programmed for the future of today, which is our houses of improvement, and the most profitable source of our moral concepts, we are always simplifying our emptiness to never give way to the social decays and maladjustments that have no open contest about our creative and positive teaching of transcribing the present, past and future that someday we can meet and settle all our opinions as a bond of rational fertility and personal memories that have always been kept and archived for a long era to show everyone how realistic and progressive we are with life and will give a past eternal glory that makes us feel about the great achievements of life ae personal realities of a time of war, love, hate, fantasies, creations, desires and knowledge I made of my relativities a concept of ideas aimed at all relativities of life that voluntarily completed me, basically and theoretically, to a world of great personal relationships in which I am an intimate memory of an ancestor glued to thousands of socialist, democratic atmospheres between an artistic and educational environment with psychological and philosophical bases of a scientific knowledge of my generation in which I leave all my nostalgia with my euphoria of a reflective and sentimentalized past of my emotions and all my love for life that are real proofs that my abilities will never be forgotten for being productively perpetuated on my blogger and website that will always resurrect my true image and love for all my life.

Recanto do Roberto would be classified as a continuous paradise of my creations and fascinating dreams as opposed to the obstinate and unrealistic life of the human being who seeks the truth of living and its fundamentals more related to the ideology of achieving true life.

It is with great satisfaction and a real understanding that I leave here a list of several texts that will serve me as a talented anthology of things that are preserved in life for a realistic simplicity of living and believing that today's world can change with our thoughts and efforts that will identify us tomorrow to know the true value we have and don't care and this can remind us who we are and what we can do for the future that awaits us as an alarm to be more careful with life and creative and that we can say very clearly that our understandings are more to our fantasies and dreams that always made us consciously have a discipline that few people keep and I simply believe that together we can change the world not just for a clerk but for our understandings and creativity of joining the dust to the winds a relationship of facts, chronicles, thoughts and so on.

I know if we fold our arms and don't care about our good intentions in the future maybe we will be without a notion of what we could have done and I think that this attitude is worthless because what matters is putting into practice our actions and always the our creations that one day reached an understanding in which people will not stumble and embrace a new activity that is more passive and of good understanding that will open the deficient doors of those people who do not see the world better and begin to discover an unprecedented life of wisdoms that were worth knowing and understanding.

Well, I wish everyone who reads this blogger to look at the bottom of the lessons for a more optimistic reasoning and to believe that together we can change something perfect that makes us much better.

Dear friends, my name is Roberto and I am a writer for Recanto das Letras, Recanto do Roberto and Google+ and I want to invite all of you without any commitment to take a look at this wonderful Blogger from the corner of Roberto that has always changed the history of writers nationals giving it a more open and corresponding space with its fans and text lovers who are today a circle of artists exhibiting arts with various chronicles, thoughts, phrases, poetry, acrostics, tributes, prayers, images and etc. Literature in the country nowadays is gaining more capacity, space and social intelligentsia due to its literary bases and knowledge that seek an unprecedented surface of ideas formed by great and beloved writers from all states and cities in Brazil who have a commitment and the art of literally communicate with the public for a satisfaction, duty and commitment to show their culture and personal notions that have been stirring up the world of information with several free E-books showing you all the best in a cultural order of news, science and technologies more applied with a modern knowledge in our social media that always seeks to rescue a wider and more real recognition of life with a complete and correct infinity in a more theoretical notion that makes us reflect on a magical world and more effected by a class of ideas benefactors to the high school class student who is looking for a simpler, school-based alternative to educate and progress in the future. I am a student with more capacity and substantial return of an affective commitment to lessons from great authors and literary masters that will stay in your mind the most beautiful writings of great and perfect artists. So, my dear friends, I would like to invite you to see my blog site Recanto Do Roberto and the blog Pensamentos e mentes da wisdom that will follow.

I'm a writer for Recanto Das Letras and I want to invite you to read my books and texts in a great cultural formality that has been rescuing a prodigal and adventurous memory in a more passive vocabulary notion of understanding that everything is in your hands without any commitment, it's just you take a look, read and buy because they are books from the site for a price that fits in your mouth and you will take a lot of books and PDF that will show you all that life has best for you to read. But you can't publish and sell them because they are my authorship. Thanks to everyone and a big hug. The capacity can be fully known, conquered and unforgettable, but in a simpler way, we will always try to improve ourselves in body and soul for a real, more passive, realistic understanding that will open the lightest doors of all nature. Good lesson!


I have been keeping in my feelings and thoughts a deep democratic opinion and more focused on a very strong character that I have in my personality that is always following the guidelines created by the circumstances of life that always pressure us in a possessive way that makes us remember from the old days of childhood and our adolescence in high school classrooms that always touched us deeply our origins and education that we learned to be more careful with the measures of time that wants to redeem us and seduce us with the unnecessary and imaginable fantasies of our youth that surprises us constantly confusing us with prejudices to give doors to the decadence generated by bad concepts and bad disciplines experienced by the negative formation that society has and always passes on to us in the form of rationalist moral concepts and education that has always been stirring among the great people crowd that is always dressing behind unavoidable racial prejudices that only push the socialist brotherhood and personal humanity to rock bottom to establish false beliefs, religions, policies and bad constructive education that the best way to achieve the true personal conduct of a good human character and true education when if there are productive, constructive and efficient reforms and honesty for the progress of the people in social and family life.

I believe that capacity is or is fully always proposing us in various contradictions that life reacts to us and always makes us react on certain duties and disciplines that are always changing our habits and ways of containing, acting and surviving in life. life is and there will always be a more than primordial issue, showing us constantly how the first people were born as the man and woman who have always lived and adapted to a way of awareness and survival about life that today are more evolved and always show by inconsequence its prehistoric side that manipulates education forming society in various maneuvers and acquiring different habits and prejudices about a life of suffering and indignant attributes formalized by prone acts of the government that cannot change its presidential opinions or lack any way between an issue more familiar formulated in its means of rebuilding for the progress of a people that seeks Jewish sovereignty. nt the power to be something or someone who can live without so much prejudice and be able to impose their character more than proof that they are people and not or never suffered misery as a negative conformism coming from different classes of politicians and friendship always takes over the youth always making it go unnoticed what we are or what we could perhaps someday be between ways of education, respect and personal honesty.

I believe that together together we can still be someone who lives constantly happy and has progress as a pretext to live and be happy for life because you call there will be peace and love without the equality of man who establishes bad attributes to give bad examples to society that feel these maladjustments and then pass on diverse and negative information from a government that does not transcend good habits the social classes that are always fighting against bad education with schools on public roads as a daily example of a people who still learn to live not to die without to have nothing and let everyone out of the conformism of death that comes crumbling our homes, personal opinions and progress of a great youth that can show that it can someday change the world and be just someone of respect, value and that has its character as proof that he is alive and has not bowed down to some precarious reform and still rules his education and does not sell his rights for any undisciplined the idea of devaluing what is and what is in your life, no matter how bad or formalized by the bad formation of a people and its country.

I don't sell my rights to anyone because I know who I am and I can make myself something very different in a world that maybe might have been born as a tree, but I always try to learn better with life and I never give my arm to hope because the essence might be or being in our constructions that in the future will show everything and everyone and there was no bad construction in my formality, however much I have built the best of myself, maybe I would offer you enough of my part for loving the world and not falling into the madness that may evening us to the knowledge of our lives to better recognize our lives and origins that have productively welcomed us into the future that gives us more quality and love for our lives.




Here is an infinity of construction of several books that for me are related in a basic and theoretical criterion of a more constructive and evocative statement of various concepts and personal and social subjects that will ultimately lead to a placement of a great school attitude in which we can learn and understand the case and chance of a relationship of facts that occurred in the life of human beings from the beginning to the end, in which several seeds were planted to put a good fruit composed in scientific and educational varieties that in the future helped us in perfect order and classes members with a more optimistic, realistic and objective outline to live and see how ancient, medium and modern life is and was with the naked eye so that in the future we become aware that we are complete and well suited to a realistic and efficient condition of being eternal lords of a chest of parchments written today in our formalities that helped us step by step to understand and conquer the best life of a simple Antol ogy and modern Histography that will take us to the future that we seek and simplify in real bases of a nature applicable to our benefit and continuous prosperity and beneficial from the letter to the most inexhaustible pleasure of reading and understanding the pure question of a realistic notion and more human our abode on earth. I believe in a better and smarter future in which we seek with more infinity the beautiful things that we have never seen and today we accept with a full condition, serious and happy to

to be great and eternal knowers of time and may we complete with body and soul the most beautiful lessons that are here and simply kept in our Self as a blessed collection of facts and lessons of a nature well related to the man who wants to see life as it should be. This Library I tell you is like a magical portion of true and original scrolls that will give us an encyclopedia of everything in the world both ancient and modern, and this house has lit enormous lights beneficial to a one-step future of a more optimistic and creative that compose us better for its greatness and perfection of everything that is perfect and today still exists in our universal plan that will show us tomorrow the true case or chance of life for their existence in a setback of light on the fearless reality of our lives here on earth for a real and true commitment to our lives that we dream of and we are great scientists who seek and educate ourselves in a glorious harmony and pact with life. I believe that capacity is not an experience that we have or are born with, however much instincts are required, few will have them simply by a positive will of their own Self that wants the best path of wisdom and this is a superior quality that we have and always must seek in life and in the depths of our souls to be more optimistic and have the perseverance to believe in a better future for the progress of our humanity. This library is a factor that I created in an eternal step of humanity and a deep recognition of one day bringing together everything that has already been leafed and putting into practice good deeds and extraordinary benefits our profound and literary lessons that we have learned and will simply pass on of a better and more creative future that we can benefit from whatever lesson is the pulsating act or effect that is well guarded in our convictions for the most secret door of wisdom in which we live in a world without catastrophe no matter how foolish life to second by extinction and order of nature that can reveal itself in any matter and more than our pure and literate conscience to the most inexhaustible pleasure of living and always being happy. In my relationships, I utter from certain language in alphabetical order the most beautiful questions and lessons that I have read that I must read to the most elucidated and needy to know for a personal relativity of a positive character of mine that will reveal itself relatively in the future with an educational purpose of being learn and simply teach others who want to learn and live and feel that life is a library of subjects that we must learn and always study. Thanks!

My name: Roberto Barros

Foundation: On March 21, 2013


I want to tell you with great love and conviction that I'm very happy because I made this work aimed at all the quality of my life and for being a more narrated ethography with the aim of showing my entire writing career because I've accomplished a profound literature and blogger who stayed in eternity of all those who always like me with their heart and give their comment about my writings because it is part of my professional qualification for me to improve my fundamental performance as a perfect writer.

I've been keeping in my life an explanation to go through a space that will take me to heaven because everything in my life is actually like a dream that can commit us to fabulous achievements for life and that we are more perfect and idealistic with our wills because we are original people who seek a successful explanation of the most beautiful achievements for the future that makes me experience the most beautiful special creations of all kinds for a sovereign foundation of a man indignant with pleasure knowing that life is a contradiction of invariable affections and subsections that makes us consequent and inconsequential masters who know the existence of life, however much it becomes in fact well lived and traversed by a black and white loop over our illusions that maybe someday can be to us and tell us that we are free and we live equalized in time for a fascinating matter of our existence for a lifetime.

I want to thank for this book that I made this whole year a fraternization of theoretical concepts that were more elaborated and fascinated by my sentimental energy that made me remember how much I suffered and learned to be more than a man in life for my better moral and intellectual classification who passively educated me on a conduct of dominating one's own life that served as a shield for me and school for me as a moral dictatorship reflected in life in my personality and love of my life. Thank you all!

By: Roberto Barros

Enviado por ROBERTO BARROS XXI em 19/07/2021
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