Hello my love!

Hello my love Erasmo!!!

Erasmo, my magic prince My perpetual love

Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia - 2007/14/september

How at you an affair? How your mood? I hope, that at you all is good.
Loved mine, I very much love you. Excuse that I could not write to you earlier as from work of me sent in business trip, now I sit and I write to you the letter, I think you will forgive me and will write. I still never met such fine person, as you. And I am glad, that we with you were reduced with destiny. You the ANGEL, who has gone down from heavens kindling my heart! I have found you, and you me! I want, that you knew, I shall always love you! You for me will always stay the most desired, gentle, tender, unique and the beloved in my life! It is pleasant to me in you absolutely all. You - the most delightful creation on the ground, the most gentle, sensual and passionate. Erasmo, I adored its site of poetries. Very pretty. I feel that you he is very romantic. Desire very to dream of you and to love. Therefore, it is of you that necessary, and without you, I find that I will not know to live. It looks at, Erasmo I wait its letter, I write me, I will be in the MNS thursday.
I very much - very much LOVE you. Always and everywhere, there is no you better. You are those, what is actually, is not present drops of pretence - I love you for it even more strongly. I with impatience wait for the moment when I shall fall in your tender embraces, and I shall inhale your aroma, repeating your name, listening to your voice and, again and again, peering in affable features of your person. At night I see your beautiful person, a mouth, I present, as you concern me the charming lips. With you my life was filled with sense, now I know, that I want. And I want TO be WITH YOU, to be always, all life. I for you both in fire and in water, everywhere, where you will call. My you Erasmo? light in this heart-breaking darkness of a life. Thanks you that you are! I love you! I shall always love you, my heart will not cease to beat yet.
When I think of you so deafening my heart loudly knocks, it is a pity, that you now do not hear it. Any idea has no value, if this idea not about you. All my desires and dreams are connected only to you.
Anything and nobody will break my feelings to you. It seems to me, that at times even in dream I admit to you love, I fall asleep physically without you, but I wake up always with your name on lips.
Who Is Daisy? My cousin spoke to me that its received a poem. You are if speaking with it? He counts everything to me, I wait that he does not deceive me.
Know, loved, that near to you there is a person, whose heart is beaten ONLY FOR YOU. I very strongly love you, I simply live you, one day when I do not receive from you letters - as if eternity, thanks you for all: for your love and care. You are of what I dreamed all life for whom waited the happiness. Fairly, I do not know how to express in words even a part of that is created at me on soul. If I was an ice floe, I would thaw from one your sight, be I a flower - I eternally would blossom only for you and if I was a song on light white it would not be more wonderful than this music because she for you, only for you. But to a great regret, and I can and fortunately, simply the person. With loving heart, with singing soul. And except for you I so yet did not love anybody, anybody so did not wish. I LOVE YOU, ERASMO SALKYTON!!! My heart is beaten for you. I live only for you. And all this too for you. I cannot without you, I miss, I love you simply that you are.
Loved mine, I with impatience shall wait from you the letter. And I think, that you will write already soon to me. Your love forever Dalia .

Kiss Dalia

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