I see today for the simplicity of life many old stories as well as old photographs that make us think about old cities, both foreign and Brazilian where it all started with a great and generosity of certain men who put in their dynamic great works and creation to build a civilization that is based between the ancient times of 1930-1960 when the railway machine was one of the social transports and beautiful and extraordinary old cars that marked a time that today we are more developed on a social and industrial technology that are based on the old past in which the basis of great efforts and intelligence was built, which sophisticated the life of man on his own interests, in which large industrial machinery for social commerce developed, in which great examples of a dynamic and specialty of planting also for civil use were planted. manufacture of tanks of wars and diverse vehicles where the man obtained u In the great world development of countries in the resumption of civilization and independence from the devastating power that has always built it, order and progress for many countries in which they remained as memories and reforms of a people who grew up in life on a commitment to achieve in its role with the true future that was consecrated in the resumption of the time when great transatlantic ships such as the Olympic, Titanic and others were also made that marked a great era of industrial evolution and means of transport for the mid-1912s and ahead in which they went through great tragedies of castaways in which many people died about a history that today we portray as a true and personal case of a true disaster about a past that was kept and glued on a leap in the life of man over his knowledge and constructions that are based on real facts that the human being has undergone a major transformation in life in which his theme was to conquer life s about the future that today we are more modernized in certain contexts of enjoying prosperity and technological advances that we can slightly classify modern man as an artifact of a great transformation that systematically remained and will remain under a setback of beautiful buildings, works and desires of an achievement that we will remain on the challenges of life on great creations that always marked the industrialization and the trade of means of transport on the present, past and future that we can have some idea about the life and the time in which they were victims of wars and terrible tragedies about the human being who today is more adapted with his works and teachings that we can live happily and have substantial returns on our rights and conservation of our lives that has always reminded us of a suffering and prestigious past in which man struggled over certain commitments to create something substantial and productive over time remained as an archive in our memories that today we thank for your tolerances and improvements of a great civilization that is more developed than black and white has become more colorful to remake us of great and extraordinary compensations that we can reach the true future on a memory that portrayed us as always the old days.

By: Roberto Barros
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