The Husband - Part VI

In the hospital,
Caitlin was drifting on and off to a restless sleep,
she was badly shaken and she was bruised from the car crash.
She knew the killer was out there,
watching her reaction,
getting the satisfaction of her being scared,
or even thinking she was dead.
Her head was bandaged,
and there were cuts on her face and bruises around her eyes,
other than that she seems all right.

As she tries to remember the intentional accident,
the commotion nearby, the voices of the crowd,
the sound of the ambulance,
but she just remember a familiar presence
sitting there on a plastic chair beside her bed.
Waiting for her to wake up and see his face,
who could it be?

Outside of her room,
Doctor Cross was discussing with Detective Rouse
about the condition of the patient.
Chris Rouse was an expert in murders and serial killers
so hes qualified to take charge of the investigation.
Chris, a tall individual even though he looks tough
with his muscular body, with huge brown eyes,
inside of this big teddy bear, he was a good guy.

The patient isnt suffering any major injuries,
so I dont see what not, the patient can go home in couple of days the doctor said.
Thanks doc Chris said moving down the hall toward Caitlins door,
and then he turned around.
Can she answer couple of questions, doc? Chris asked.
Adjusting his eye glasses he answered:
When she wakes up, and shes strong enough - sure
otherwise, let her rest, she needs to regain her strength.
I do understand Chris answered.

Meanwhile, inside of Caitlins room,
his fingers were stroking her blonde hair
while Caitlin was laying in the hospital bed,
he was listening to her breathing,
making absolutely sure she wasnt dying.
David was there beside Caitlin when the ambulance brought her,
he never felt so frightened in his life,
caring for someone else beside his ex-wife.

He hated to witness Caitlins accident,
but he hasnt seen how the accident had happened.
He was driving in a far distance just so not to get suspicion,
but at the same time he wanted to be near her.

Caitlin opened her eyes slowly,
her vision was blurring.
she couldnt make out who was sitting beside her,
until she heard his familiar voice whispering her name: Caitlin
she thought she was dreaming
she felt caring and cared for, safe and protected.
How are you feeling?
She was thirsty and her entire body aches,
she wishes she were at home instead.
With a tired voice she answered:
Im all right. Where am I? What happened?
David with concern on his face, asked:
Dont you remember what had occurred?
Caitlin looked around the room,
looking for something, trying to find some clue.
She closed her eyes for a brief moment and remembered:
A black car bumped into me and I lost control,
the breaks werent working and everything went dark.

The sound of a soft knocking interrupted their conversation,
they both looked up and saw a distinguish man.
Hello, Mrs. Moore. My name is Detective Chris Rouse.
How are you doing today? I would like to ask you couple of questions,
regarding to your accident. Who are you, sir?
Im David Petz, Im an acquaintance of the patient.
Chris shook hands with Caitlin and David.
Sorry that we have to meet in these circumstances. Chris said.
Caitlin could feel her dried lips trembling as she spoke:
Really detective, could you make it fast, I would like to rest.
Of course. Could you tell me what had happened?
Caitlin feeling all of the sudden exhausted answered Chris.
Well, all I remembered is a black car bumped into me and I lost control of my car,
the breaks werent working and everything went dark. I have no idea where the black car came from or why I was the target. Maybe this is your job to figure it out.
While taking brief notes, Chris asked: Could you see the drivers face?
No, I couldnt. The sun was shining the windshield of the black car, blinding me from seeing his or her face.

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