The Husband - Part VII

In an eerie silence, sitting with leg crossed and tired face,
Marcos Rossini was staring at Officer Daniel Martinez,
answering his questions as best as he could.
Mr. Rossini was bold and quite short, with navy blue eyes,
his face was angular and rugged, with high cheekbones and a firm jaw.
He was actually distinguishingly handsome, wearing a blue dark suit with light blue tie.

“So what can I do for you Mr. Rossini?” Officer Daniel asked.
“It has been two weeks since my wife Silvia disappeared.”
“Why did you wait so long to tell us?”
Marcos winced as he answer the question:
“Cause sometimes we fight and Silvia goes away, I don’t know where,
for days and even a week at a time. I’m worry about her; and lately she has been on my mind, but now it has been two weeks.”
“Does she work?” Daniel gazed down on his notes.
“Yes” with trembling hands Mr. Rossini whispered his answer.
“How late does she work?”
“Maximum 3:00 am, because she works at Moonlight Nightclub as a dancer.”
Marcos answered avoiding Daniel harsh stare brown eyes.
As Marcos continue explaining, his speech was rapid, high-pitched
and his eyes constantly moving.
“You see, I’ve asked her many times to give up her job.
I’m making enough money for both of us to live on.
But she loves her job; she got friends over there,
she doesn’t want to quit and she said that I don’t care.”
“Where do you work?”
“I work at Millville Bank. I’m the manager and sometimes I work overtime.”
Officer Daniel leaned back in his leather chair
massaging his chin, thinking profoundly.
And he asked his final question…
“Where were you on the night that your wife disappeared?”
Marcos drew his eyebrows together,
growing more concerned by the moment,
more intense; he knew is going to be one of those days.

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