The Husband - Part I

Cast of Characters
CAITLIN MOORE: the devoted wife of Bryan Moore.

BRYAN MOORE: the husband of Caitlin Moore, and business partner of David Petz.

SILVIA ROSSINI: the glamorous dancer girl and the wife of Marcos Rossini.

MARCOS ROSSINI: a quiet, long suffered individual who was the latest husband of Silvia Rossini.

DAVID PETZ: the business partner of Bryan Moore and his business is always risky.

CHRIS ROUSE, detective of this investigation: an expert in murders and serial killers.

DANIEL MARTINEZ, officer: an amazingly clever officer and a confidential partner of Detective Chris Rouse.

MARK COOK: a tough bartender at Moonlight Nightclub, who was also the ex-husband of Silvia Rossini.

JESSICA RUDD: a kind of confusing, 65 years old widow who lives alone in the mountains with her dog.

NICKY: an old Scotch Collie type of a dog.

When Caitlin Moore got home she called his name
but nobody answered.
How come the house was quiet?
Usually Bryan would have the radio on,
she yelled his name once more.
She just came back from a cruise trip with her mother,
she’s anxious to tell all the details to her husband.

As she walked slowly, she felt a tingle of anticipation
and in each room she went through,
she could feel her desperation.
She knocked in each door,
she entered their bedroom and she couldn’t move,
she was paralyzed, her heart was beating hard, pounding in her ears.
Her head was spinning and her vision was blurring,
she closed her eyes for what seemed an eternity.
Everything was changing before her eyes,
just a moment ago,
she was planning something devious,
something diabolic in her mind.
Her life will change in a split second,
but it seems to go on forever and ever.

There underneath her feet laid her beloved husband
it wasn’t a dummy nor a distasteful prank,
he was unconscious and she was scared.
It could be those damn heart pills,
maybe he took too many or maybe he took a few.
Now she’s in a big mess, it doesn’t mean that she didn’t care.
She’s not the only one, who wants her darling husband out of the picture,
there are also some of his business associates who want him to disappear.

She slowly turned him over and saw his pale face,
his hands were cold, the hands that she used to hold -
the stuffiness smell of blood seeping into the floor of the room,
there were blood drops smeared all over the wall
his lifeless body was near their bed, where he took the fall.
She shouldn’t touch him, but she couldn’t help herself
the fascination of the red liquid running down to her fingertips.

Meanwhile, she felt this sensation traveling through her spine,
maybe she was living in a nightmare or maybe she’s going out of her mind.
At last she realized it: What should she do? What should she do?
Pacing nervously and staring in the far distance
she should definitely disappear.

She should call the police
and let them ask her all the useless questions,
should she throw him into the river stream or bury him deep?
Does she dare to take this dangerous step?
Or is this going to be an experience she’ll never forget?
Wasn’t she the one who was arranging something similar a couple of hours ago?
What was it? Yes, executing her husband and covering up all her tracks.
But someone else did her a favor or better yet,
they had framed her for his death.
There’s no time to waste, but to get rid of the body and fast.

She turned around and looked down once more at the lifeless body,
the body that she had caressed, kissed and devoured by her desire.
Even though she was standing nearby the body, she was daydreaming,
the sparkle desire she had for her husband
in spite of everything is still steaming.
For a moment she was thinking about her past life,
now she forced all memories of it from her mind
maybe this was the time to forgive and forget,
now that he was dead.
She could sense the air within the house getting colder and colder,
meanwhile her conscious was bothering her over and over.

Finally she picked up the telephone and called the police,
she rather answer their hopeless questions than to mess with the crime scene.
The important person she called afterward was her lawyer,
she wants to obtain all the information about his inheritance.
Yes, she knows that she sounds selfish, greedy and ungrateful,
after all that he had put her through,
she deserves something, it’s better than nothing.

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