The Husband - Part II

After hours and hours of being locked in this miniature and unpleasant room,
listening and answering to these two stubborn detectives,
they don’t seem to get anywhere so finally they let her go.
Caitlin was getting headaches from exhaustion,
she was overwhelmed with preoccupation.
She couldn’t believe her wonderful day turned into an eternal nightmare,
for finding her husband dead was more than she could bare.
She should have brought her lawyer along,
but she thought she could handle the situation, she was so wrong.

Outside of the police station,
it was pouring rain; it was one of those days,
huge raindrops were falling on her head
as she ran as faster as she can.
Now sitting inside of her cozy, red BMW she was falling asleep,
she closed her eyes just a brief moment, to analyze the problem –
she should have known that the detectives would treat her as a criminal than a widow.
What about the other suspects? I’m sure there are many of them.
From his business associates as well as Bryan’s long time mistress Silvia Rossini –
the cheapest thing she ever met.

Caitlin remembers like it was yesterday,
it was in a party that she came across Silvia.
She didn’t thought much of Silvia’s flirtation toward Bryan –
since she trusted her husband completely,
so she didn’t put a great deal of thought on their encounter.
Meanwhile, she heard a whisper in her left ear,
the voice was so soft that later on it disappeared,
she turned around and came face to face with Bryan’s business partner David Petz.
He was smiling, showing all his perfect white teeth,
like a Dracula in a far away dream.
She didn’t quite like David; there was something weird about him –
the way he behaves around her,
the way his eyes hypnotize at her beautiful face – she can’t quite explain.

After going through memory lane, Caitlin turned on her BWM and went straight home.
Home was located on the hills, where it can be seeing the road below.
Miles and miles away from civilization, the privacy that she’ll always cherish.
Home was a place that used to fill her heart with blissful memories,
but now it’s nothing more than a place that a crime had occurred.
When she got home, she fastened the chains on the door,
all of the sudden she realized something more.
The day that she came back from her trip, the door wasn’t chained,
the windows were locked and everything seems to be in the right place – how strange!
It means Bryan had to let the killer in, someone that he trusted.
Who could that be? Now she’s scared. Could she be next?
Caitlin was too tired to think any further,
she had a long day that doesn’t seem to end.
She passed their master bedroom,
and there was a yellow tape “Crime Scene: Do Not Cross” hanging on the door
she could see the room was a mess,
she walked slowly toward the guest room
where she could finally rest.

The brightness of the sun was shining through the curtain,
while the first rays of the new morning
crept through the crack of the opened window.
Caitlin was feeling lazy under the covers,
her toes were freezing; she was shivering all over,
she didn’t want to get up and face the world –
a world that yesterday treated her so cold.
Caitlin was about to go back to sleep, when the phone rang,
she let it ring again and again, finally she picked it up.

With her sleeping voice, yawning; not quite awake she answered: “Hello.”
“It seems that you had a rough night, my dear,” the voice of the other line had said.
She couldn’t fully understand because there was static on the other end,
the voice was unrecognizable even for the dead.
The person on the other line got her full attention,
she got up to a sitting position and asked:
“Who are you? What do you want? Money? Tell me. I want to know.”
“Just letting you know that you might be next,” the voice said briefly,
laughing and vanishing until the line went dead.
The phone call was rather mysterious,
all of the sudden she felt dizziness rushing through her head,
the adrenaline was draining from Caitlin’s body, up rushed the nausea
she couldn’t stand, she needs fresh air.
she knew it was a matter of great urgency – this warning,
where her safety is a priority.
What should she do?
Should she call those two detectives and give them this clue?
Yes, this is what she should do.

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Michelle Carreiro
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