The Husband - Part III

He recollects Bryans brown eyes looking up to him,
begging for mercy, as he chokes him continually.
Bryan tried to force the words, but his tongue wouldnt work.
There were sweats and tears running down on Bryans face,
an expression of surprise and terror that cant be erased.
They struggled back and forth, until the murder reached for his weapon
hitting Bryan on the head once, twice by the third time,
Bryans body became unconscious; finally giving up in this fight.
He recalls looking down on Bryans cold and lifeless corpse,
admiring how fragile Bryan was, the life that wasnt there anymore.
He didnt noticed the shadow passing him by,
he heard footsteps running down the hall, going out the front door.
He should have predicted, that his plans wouldnt be easy.
He should have been more careful, he should have been more watchful
whoever might have seen what happened, is on to him.
Stupid, stupid, stupid kicking himself for his own mistakes.
he should have used poison,
death by poisoning can be mistaken as a natural cause
accidental overdose or suicide instead of homicide.
Who could have seen? Be rational.
Theres no time to think; he needs to get out of there right away.

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Michelle Carreiro
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