The Husband - Part IV

Now David Petz was focusing on someone more important,
someone who was worth all of his time,
he’ll shadow her day and night,
he’ll be her shield throughout her fight.
His hands were frozen, even though he was wearing gloves
he couldn’t feel his fingers, they were numbed.
He tried to keep them warm, by finding some comfort inside of his small car.
He lighted up a cigarette and inhaled couple of times,
he was wondering, “if she’ll ever be mine”.
Through the binoculars he could clearly see, the lady of his dream,
driving slowly down the hill, his wildest dreams will be fulfilled.
Particularly now that her jerk husband was gone,
he knew Bryan didn’t deserved her at all.

Meanwhile, Caitlin was walking towards her car,
she looked briefly at her wristwatch.
Speculating if she has enough time to stop by the police station,
and talk with one of the agents.
She immediately accelerated her car down the hill,
the danger was waiting for her still.

She was going down the hill extremely fast,
she didn’t noticed a car behind her.
Until the black car bumped into her, making her lose control,
she pressed her breaks, but it didn’t work.
She looked at her rearview mirror,
to see the face of the driver.
But there wasn’t an opportunity to do so,
because whoever it was bumped her once more –
and her car went tumbling down the hill
blocking in the middle of the highway below.
The black car accelerates, passing her by,
the driver was smiling, driving toward the clear blue sky.

Copyright@2005 Michelle Carreiro
Michelle Carreiro
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