The Husband - Part V

Outside of the cabin
the weather was foggy, freezing and wet,
in a far distance,
she heard a dog roaring in despair.
Pain thundered through Silvia’s head, is she dead?
Her head throbbed while her throat ached, she feels sick.
She tried to open her eyes slowly, but her vision was blurring.
Her tongue was thick with a bad taste,
it seems like she had swallowed something she can’t explain.
Her heart was pounding wildly against her chest,
her skin was soaked in sweat,
she was so thirsty and her entire body ached,
this was her worst nightmare.
She closed her eyes again as raw pain tore through her veins,
there were needles stuck in both of her arms,
desperation ran through her head,
she’s frightened on what might come next.
Right away, she knew she was drugged. But now what?
There were fours ropes connecting her body to the bed,
tightening as they held her down.
She was crying quietly, feeling her tears falling from her face,
she fought to keep her eyes open, but hallucination took over,
now she returned to a deep sleep, where she was vulnerable in her dreams.

She was grocery shopping,
when someone came behind her at the parking lot,
covering her nose with a cloth –
it was only a couple of seconds and she was fainting,
after that she vaguely remember.

Silvia woke up in her most vivid, nightmarish dream.
She tried to twist her body to get loose,
but with no success, it was a hopeless fight.
She could smell the thick moisture of the storm in the air,
the forbidden and immense desire to get out of there.
She could sense someone was crawling on the bed,
sitting beside her, while stroking her hair gently,
the familiar smell of his cologne
will be engraved deep into her memory.

After hours of being tighten down with intense fear
she was able to escape,
she doesn’t know how and she doesn’t care
but when she woke up, the ropes were no longer there.
She took small steps to get to the door,
and she was surprised to find the door was unlocked.

Lighting flashed across the sky, rain fell in heavy sheets.
As Silvia ran away from her abductor through the woods,
she was bare footed and her tattoos were exposed.
As she ran her eyes darted from side to side,
he was lurking in the shadows,
stalking her vividly, playing hide and seek.
As she struggled ahead she became increasingly afraid,
close to panicking once again.
She stumbled as she looked behind,
weighted down by the numbness of her feet,
where the ropes used to be.
A long icy shiver ran through her body,
she took a deep breath to calm herself down,
she took couple more steps,
then she went down, falling into a big hole –
injuring her hands and knees
the next thing she knew,
she was covered with sand and dirt.

Copyright@2005 Michelle Carreiro
Michelle Carreiro
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