Carlos believed that the world was his only reality. He did not understand and denied everything that he could not see with his eyes. His one way vision was all that he needed. On the other hand, Luis, his neighbor, had enough sensibility to believe that the chaos in the world was probably not what the creator had planned in the beginning. He thought: "If the color blind do not see that same way that I do or if some children get the newest robot out there as their birthday gift and I try so hard, but cannot even buy my son's favorite cracker, then things around here are not that real because for me, reality is perfect. Like unconditional love".
Due to his weakness, Luis began to drink and after a while, he became an alcoholic. The kind that fall through the streets at night. Carlos was able to get a promotion at work and became a rigorous manager. Actually, everyone pretended to like him making the boss rejoice in his kissing up to him. He appeared to be happy, and when he arrived to the neighborhood in his new car, he went through Luis' street complimenting him and, afterwards, he would go out distributing infamy words about his neighbor that everyone knew him. He was sucked in by hate without a concrete reason for his too, concrete life. And worse, his right appeared to be the same right to everyone else, because for some reason, he depended on his success to feel like the other, important. Luis would feel less and less motivated towards life. He had stomach cancer and passed away after a while. Carlos, a disheartened man that he always was, concluded his story telling his bar buddies: "Well, my friend, justice is for him who knows how to live". Unfortunately, his philosophical sayings in that bar echoed for only three more days. That was when he suffered a car accident in the main street of that city, not supporting the impact of a truck that came to his right, he died. He was unrecognizable. His ignorance led him to believe that there was not only one justice, but two of them. After his traumatic death, they took him directly to his second trial ran by Archangel Michael and his assessors. There, he arrived in a more humble way. One more of his masks, which to him, was all that was left. He took himself to a seat beside his left, looked at the being of Light in front of him that soon ordered that he come close. In his moving towards the archangel, he noticed that there was already another man being judged. Even so, he was called and placed himself to the left of this man and exclaimed "I was a good husband! I never killed nor did I steal".
The archangel said that his sentence had already been decided, but first he asked that he write on the clouds what he had said and done on earth. He did what the Angel asked. It took a while, but he did it. He noticed that as soon as he had finished, his writings had accumulated themselves, forming a huge cloud and a storm began and his notebooks were destroyed, his words became water that went all over the place.
He was again in front of the archangel when suddenly he felt funny; actually, he began to cry, that is, if there were ever any tears. In that way, he noticed that the man who was being judged was still there. He drove his look away from the floor and saw that it was Luis. He was afraid due to seeing him again, for he had thought that he had already gone to "hell". The archangel looked in his eyes and said: "They told me what you wrote, most of your words were defamatory and they were spread in every house where it rained. As it was night time and everyone was asleep, in their dreams they read all your hatred and despise for others, when you return to the world, you will suffer more than Luis did. Because the descendants of these people felt who you are and you will not have opportunities like the ones you have had. If you suffered before, after this rain you will suffer more. I have given you your fine, now go. Revolted, Carlos was in the middle of his way and screamed:"What about this drunk, isn't he going to be punished?"
So, Michael, who was already standing in order to return to his kingdom said: "He will be born before you and be your father, you will learn to love him and forgive him, because he also had hate in his heart, he also defamed people in other incarnations. Go and do not sin anymore." He beat his hammer and left without saying goodbye.
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