Things you must remember

  It's easy to invite our souls and it's easier to create another one.Don't be so fool,try different things
and make more than you've ever made.Listen to your thoughts and try to take memories;besides,you must keep your head up,you must live by yourself and you should think about your family.
  Maybe you will find good things when you try many other ones and you should know that noone can break a heart which has never been all together.Shake your hands to sky and ask for good things...your own god will give an answer.You can be the last to ask,but you also can be the first to be answered.
  Make a better job talking about situations you've already passed by and don't lose your soul making bad things...try to be the best with your family and friends because they are your base and your source.
  At last,Change your way of thinking about the world just when you say it is not so good as you thoght it could be because you are one to answer for the things people make in earth.Don't forget who you are and remember:god can be a fake but you can believe in what you really want.

O cara que tudo vê
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