With you!

I look to the sky…I see you
I look to the ground…I see you
I see you everywhere I go!
Its something I can’t explain, it’s a feeling that comes from inside
It’s bigger than me, and I can’t hold it within.
I try to reach you, I try to love you!
But love it’s so complicated…
It’s like the universe, deep and infinite…
However Love is Good! Beautiful! Wonderful!

But love without the right person is always the same
Doesn’t have magic!
Doesn’t have the shine in the eyes of a girl!
And the palpitation of boy’s heart!
It’s like summer without Sun!
Winter without could!
And ME without you!

But why you! Yes why you!
You the most perfect person in the world…
The most beautiful and interesting!
There is no answer or explanation! But you!
You are my heart, my head, and my soul.
You are everything I want for this life, because there is no other life!
If life is 2 days, I just have one left!
Because the first one I spend it with you! Why can’t I spend the last with you?
Why people don’t let me!
Why people have so much anger and envy?
I will fight; I will be a warrior of life!
But every warrior has a princess,
To save, to love, and to care!
But I am not strong enough to fight!
I am small, and weak…
I don’t want problems I just want to love and be loved!
If love means “forgiveness”
I understand!
If love means “pain”
I do understand!
But when loves means “loneliness”
I can’t understand…

For you I want to be different! I want to be how you want me to be!
But something’s I can’t control…
I can’t control my body…my face, my look, my head.
Why? Why I have to be like this!
Why God make my like this!
Why I can’t be perfect like you are?
I have no answer! I have no way to change!
To change my look, and my “problem”!
Is this “problem” controlling my life?
I cant I be normal?
This makes me special?
No! Because I don’t want! I am Normal! I am what I am!
But sometimes I have no strengths to help!
My desire to live dies…and I die desiring to live!
But I can’t escape…
I will be always me!
A “not” especial person, that’s a fact!
But a person that loves lives and exists!

And now I realized the mistakes that I have committed
The mistakes that I made with you…
For those I am sorry!
But I will not give up, because man learn with there mistakes!
And because living with you it’s just perfect!
And one day I will say:
Today I loved
Today I was loved

Today I am with you!

For you:
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