I didn't know was so cold
And you needed somebody
To show you the way
But I realize

You were not complete
And felt yourself alone
I saw you felt the need
Of what you didn't know

I saw what you felt was what I felt
And I can see
This is not hard to understand
Then I felt the will

To know you and approach me
And take your hand and show that

(Chorus I)

When the night comes
And bring silence and dark
Emptiness, solitude
I could take ya of them
If you just would think of me
And believe that
I'll be thinking of you
Just you and you alone
Because I will
Yes, I will

(Chorus II)

Then I could save you of this lack
Of what you don't know
But I know
'Cause is the same that hurts me
And make me feel this pain
That is hurting you
Making you this person
So full outside
So alone inside


And I realized
That like me was you
And I understood what you search
This is not too much
What you want
Is what I want:
Someone for me
Someone for you
Someone like me and you

(Vocalize free)

Me and you

(Written in 2003 and structuralized in Nov. 15th, 2006)
Rúbia Mussi
Enviado por Rúbia Mussi em 22/11/2006
Reeditado em 13/04/2007
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