Hey, little me.

I’m coming from the present to tell you, little me, a few things that I’ve learned in life, in our life, that I want you to know and remember as you grow. I know we can’t change the past, what’s done is done. But you’ll always be the little me of tomorrow, so we can actually make a better future together, if we keep this in mind. And every time you forget, you can come back here and read this. Maybe it will give you some comfort.

Little Ana, all you have is now. This is the hard truth we are fighting so much to acknowledge and accept. Nothing is certain and nothing is promised. Nothing lasts forever. Things change, people change and we’re changing every day. And this is a good thing, but we’ve made up so many certainties in our minds that when things change, we suffer and we struggle to accept it. We get so attached to an idea and we make it so hard to let it go, but life can be so much more than you think, Ana. Trust me. We’ve been through so much already!

But don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying for you to give up easily when things get hard and because all things change, they are not worth fighting for and I’m definitely not saying for you not to dream. What I’m saying is that we’ll fight for what we want, sure thing, but the only certainty that we have is “now”. Live now. Give your best now. Love now. Appreciate the people you love and who loves you and do it now - they are not going to be here forever (and neither will you). Be kind to others, but don’t forget to be kind to yourself too. Know your limits, trust your instinct, be open to change, let go of the control (you don’t have it anyway), take risks and most importantly, don’t be afraid. You’re going to be okay. Life’s going to beat you up sometimes, but you’ll have to focus on the lesson of it. This is how you’ll grow. If you focus on the pain, you’ll only suffer.

Remember, life is like a heart beat on that doctor screen. It goes up and down. It only goes flat when you die.

I love you and others do too. Don’t forget that. You are not alone. <3

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