Believe in Love

Wake up in the morning
See the sun over the sky
Tell me all of your fears
I don´t wanna make you cry

Now, you can open your eyes
I turned off the lights
Let me make you believe
Love is with us tonight

Don´t surrender, don´t give up
Love can find a way
All you have to do is
Follow your heart and pray

Even you were brokenheart
It´s a question of time
Love can move mountains
And the sun is gonna rise

Kiss me, hold me close
Gimme wings, we´re gonna fly
Together love will be true
And soon, we can reach the sky

Do you believe in love?
How can I make you see?
Give me both your hands
It´ll be just you and me

No matter how difficult is
Love will make you strong
If you real believe in it
Your choices won´t be wrong

Hope I can be there for you
Staying always by your side
All the power of love
Will keep on us survive

Let´s discover a new world of love
Let´s make all the people see
I´ll be always here for you
And you´ll be always near from me
Natália Nakamura
Enviado por Natália Nakamura em 07/02/2006
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