When Love is Needed

It shouldn’t be complicated
should be lucid and natural
like rain drops fallen from the sky,
it should be pure and transparent
that can be seen in the darkest night.

It shouldn’t be blind
should be on the road of truth
nothing to hide and no lies
in this road of life.

A love that have eyes,
face and a body without limits,
that knows how to speak,
that knows how to see,
with tenderness smile
beyond the dreams.

And for when to cry,
cry without strength to bear,
and for when to die,
die without strength to care.

It should be simple and humble
in a way that lets your heart and your body
to decide what’s right and what’s wrong.
It should be strong and unconditional
without demanding anything in return, –
just a true feeling from the heart
and a place in the soul.

Need a love that shouldn’t be
involved more than one lover,
you should like your body
no matter what you see, –
you should always love yourself intensely.

Isn’t afraid of showing
some affection in public,
should be innocent and free –
freedom that should be experienced
beyond the imagination
like two birds getting their wings
and fly away toward their destiny.

A love that understands everything
no walls can't separate
what’s important,
a love that knows how to appreciate each other,
beyond the appearance and the distance.

A love that knows how to use sweetened words
a love that understands dreams
a love that takes all in…
… no matter how hard it can be.

Need a love that shows happiness
time to time…
… and can handle sadness
time to time…
even when time is too tough
love can bear it all.

Need a love that loves you
for who you are,
need a love to bring you
a new start.

Copyright@2005 Michelle Carreiro
Michelle Carreiro
Enviado por Michelle Carreiro em 28/04/2005
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