Love is still a sacred feeling.
Nobody knows how each one of us is dealing.
Love for some, can bring the past.
Love for others, is nothing more than romance.
Love can be old, love can be young.
Love is like a river of dreams, which floats through my soul.
Alone I’m half; with you I’m whole.
Image of you crosses my mind
you’re so loving, you’re so kind.

As my heart desires for your body heat, I became intoxicated by your love.
My love is more powerful, when I’m in your arms.
I’ve devoured your sweet aroma, which left me a flavor in my mouth.
I’ve an ocean of desires within my heart, which I would like to cherish.
It’s deeper than the sea; which will never perish.
The forbidden silence filled the air, showing me how much you do care.
I could taste your passion; I could read your thoughts and dreams.
How much you’ve an effect on me! Taking control of me completely.

After all you taught me how to live; you taught me how to be free.
With you I wasn’t able to distinguish between reality and fantasy.
Nobody could prohibit what I’m feeling, something devilish, something everlasting.
I don’t want to know the price that I’m willing to pay – only to dream away.

Copyright@2006 Michelle Carreiro
Michelle Carreiro
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