Time to Say Good-Bye

Something’s wrong? – He might ask.
Nothing’s wrong, it’s just that…
…that I need to leave for couple of days.
I close my eyes and pray he won’t notice
the truth that I’m hiding from him.
I can’t see him face to face…
…I can’t lie to him again.

I might never be able to see him,
that’s what is killing me.
I’ll never forgive myself for what I’m about to do…
a sacrifice that I’m willing to pay,
to set him free… but my life won’t be the same.

Couple of months ago…
He had passed me by on the road,
he had talked about his feelings,
he had looked in my eyes for comfort,
he had listened to my problems,
he had dreamt about me in so many sweet nights,
he had robbed my cold heart –
and turned it into a soft, good one,
with love songs and romantic poems,
he had conquered my thoughts,
in addition, I gave him all my trust.

So why we have to separate? – He might ask.
I really don’t know… I really don’t!
…I just have to go.

I have to leave,
cause everything’s changing.
Nothing he can do or say
can change how I feel today.
Our love is gone,
I don’t love him anymore.
I’m truly sorry – I left him that day.
I do regret – I can’t turn back from yesterday.

Copyright@2006 Michelle Carreiro
Michelle Carreiro
Enviado por Michelle Carreiro em 10/04/2006
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