The Princess and the Knight

A princess of a distant and enchanted kingdom
Rides, calmly, with her knight by her side.
She fears nothing, for the knight´s strong arms
[protect her,
With him, she would know the whole world
[riding a beautiful horse.
She feels so strong, safe and fears no danger.
For the knight will always be with her.

The princess walks through the foliage,
And little and curious animals come near
The princess who nestles among beautiful
Her knight, always alert, just watches.
We can see he smiles under his armor,
Shining under the beautiful sun that lightens the

But, his smile is much more luminous than the
[sun itself,
When he faces the brightness of his princess´
Who, like a child, walks by the little animals
That fascinated go along with her to the lake,
Where, with her little hands, she gives them
[water to drink,
And, sitting at the edge of the lake, she caresses
[them gently.

So much tenderness impresses the knight,
That stays a little bit afar, almost in reverie.
His eyes cannot go away from his princess,
But, he fears to scare away her little companions.
And so she smiles and stretches her hand,
Inviting him tenderly to come near her..

Her eyes so serene hypnotize him,
And he comes nearer without noticing
That the little beings salute him happilly and pleased.
Gently she takes his hand and leading him softly
They start strolling together by the beautiful lake,
The water is so crystalline, so pure, that it is possible
[to see the bottom of it.

The soft and hot wind grazes their skin, agitating
The princess´ hair that moves slowly almost floating.
Inside this magic, they both know where they are going,
And the Nature with its beauty acts accordingly.
A spectacle of light, colors, and marvelous sounds,
Making none of them to want to wake up from it.

And if it is a dream, may it last with no fear,
Even after the daybreak comes to take them away.
A princess, a knight, a place...
All the magic of the moment at a glance.
The touch of the hands, the eternal look
As if they were dancing.
There is nothing else but the beauty of the place
[where they are.
And it´s up to them, only to them to change all of this.

Tradução para o inglês: Helio Bessa

A Princesa e o Cavaleiro nasceu em português, nossa língua pátria, mas, meu amigo Hélio quis traduzí-lo para o inglês, então, aí está o resultado. Obrigada, meu amigo querido!!! Beijos para você!!!
Akasha De Lioncourt
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