Suddenly the life of Hilel transited of the dreams of one day that initiated sunny for a cinereous reality of unreliability and investigations how much to the paradeiro of the father, led the kicks for the nazistas at the beginning of the 1939 winter, together with the Jewish neighbors of  small village of Serniki. Days had been cry seeing it of the mother, aggravated for the strange looks of the ukranians neighbors and for the lack of notice of the grandfather, who, sailing a wooden log delivery river the low one, more does not come back. Of packed for histories of the national heroes, sleepy Saturdays with a family and of the infantile tricks in the Polish peace, to the three years and half the life boy shortly afterwards became it in soluços for the absence of the mother that the father reappeared run away from a concentration camp took and it in the crupper for the weeds, where was for all the time of the war. Six years of escapes, one has escaped in the hour of the death of a concentration camp, many done shots for the body, friends and died friends, combats with partezans, two months hidden of the nazistas under a wooden floor in go of forty centimeters, beyond the homesickness, that more than half century later still the arrebata in the souvenirs of the mother, the sisters and teeny brother of one year and alf, verwhelmed because the mother it resisted in leaving the house, believing that the husband exaggerated how much the danger, for what gave to possibility bad luck, then was deceased together with its mother, the two children and the baby. After the end of the war, difficult was to still coexist the unknown peace, having the emotions modified for the pressure and constant dangers, added to have that to go to the school with ten years to learn to read and to write. Difficult to accept the urgent union of the father with a survivor, having that to divide the paternal cares with another boy of ten years, orphan of the war. Complicated to now support the war and persecution of the jalousie stepmother inside of house, being tried to understand also the world infantile when already it arrived to have the knowledge of a hard life that the common adults never had exactly tried. But, leaving the Europe it stops in Brazil in 1947, the life smiled to it. Living in Porto Alegre, in the State of the Rio Grande Do Sul, much prospered, made friends, it found again relatives and constituted family. It was felt in its Native land and it found reasons of gratitude for the life. Then it searched to help the all that could, lessening of the people the marks and difficulties. With everything this, pains of the Holocausto had been suffocated and the hope of that such massacre never more occurs became it flag of the reconstruction of the ruinas left for the War.

Wilson Amaral

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