The Violent Culture

The violent culture How much is culture responsible for the violence? Watching the documentary Bowling for Columbine, from the director Michael Moore, we can see a sort of theories being discussed. Many are the cause appointed by the people who are studying or that are victims of some kind of violence. Let us think about culture. In which context is it responsible for the violence? What are the main characteristics of such a culture? How much is the individual responsible for his own actions? And at last, which is the family’s role? In Bowling for Columbine some men are interviewed and they say that having a gun in US is normal. Everyone has to have a gun, because they are the ones supposed to protect their own family. At some point it is an acceptable behavior, but a gun at home may cause a lot of trouble. If an adolescent find a gun, or can buy it freely in any market by the city, who is supposed to say them they cannot shoot a person, if it is a normal behavior in their family...
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